Monday, March 13, 2017

The "peculiar dreams" thing

Mostly just a short note. A place holder, if you will.

The peculiar dreams have started again. Nothing as egregious as two Decembers ago, but still strange. I'm not going to enumerate those, at the moment, though.

No, what's more odd was this afternoon/evening (my sleep sched is shifted strangely again, as well, assuming insomnia doesn't keep me up for 30 to 40+ hours in a row), I was awoken from a dream by someone outside the apartment calling my name.

I heard a male voice I didn't recognize, [deep, somewhat rough though young (late 20s to early 40s at the oldest?)], and strangely muffled as though distant, saying my name. When I didn't wake up fully, I heard my name again, louder and more forcefully (as though there was concerned imperative whoever had called out got my attention).

There was a peculiar reverb to the sound, almost like you might hear from a long distance phone call (or really bad cell reception). That crackling, static-y echo of an electronic signal breaking up or from variable strength over strained lines.


Looking out the window, there was no one there. Not even traffic on the highway.

No one.

It was distinctly separate from the dream. It's what awoke me from sleep.

At least this time it wasn't a dead professor driving away in a silver BMW I've never seen in the (isolated) side parking lot, I guess?

At this point, idkwtf to think about the things going on around here. Best idea is, "Oh, this cruft going on. AGAIN. Still. Yet...." *sigh*

Also, I broke some of my bamboo 3.5mm DPNs earlier in the day.