Saturday, April 22, 2017

"insert missing marker here"

So I'm going to be missing when they place my mom's urn in the ground, this morning. Maybe later this spring I'll be able to have transportation and place flowers there. Maybe after her stone is placed. Not sure. *sigh*

In the "Well, that's peculiar." vein, some of her old photoIDs from work are missing. They were in a small, wooden jewelry box when my aunt gave me what little keepsakes my mom had left, back in November. I remember commenting to Q about Mom looking so unhappy in the early photos. (that, and how the quality/security features from State Prison employee IDs in the mid 80s was... lacking. It was mostly a person with a Instamatic Polaroid camera, scissors, some glue, and a photocopied card, as needed.)

I've been trying to not break down, but the past few days have been difficult, not gonna lie. Mailing off a package Wednesday, I also picked up some Star Trek stamps, and it was all I could do to not start crying there, in the USPS office. I had sent mom a sheet of the Planet stamps last year when she needed some, and here were new ones, "Live long and Prosper". Yeah, sounds lame typing it out. I know.

So few photos of her. I can't find one that I've been looking for. Perhaps I can find it on one of the backup disks (assuming THEY don't vanish, as well...)

Miss you, Mom. I keep knitting, and still don't know WTF i'm doing...

Lori (Folly Island SC, March 1990)

Lori and Dory (Bellefonte, around 1995)

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