Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Another jaw infection

I had a tooth filled a few months ago. It was rather bad; the tooth had literally split and was missing a chunk. It was sore, but mostly ok, as far as I knew. Two Mondays ago, it had become really sore, so I went back and asked to have it checked. An x-ray didn't show any signs of infection, so we assumed it was just really sensitive because of how deep the cavity had been, putting it close to the nerve. Sensitive toothpaste,  some careful brushing, and it should have been ok.
Yesterday, it went from from "still sore" to "OMFG, this is agony to touch my face!" and the swelling started. Apparently, it's a full-blown infection, after all. A trip to the ER, some antibiotics and mild pain killers, and here's hoping no sepsis this time.
While outside with Havoc this evening, I noticed there was wood sorrel growing all around the sidewalk. I used to love nibbling it as a kid. It's tart, and tangy, and for some reason I always liked it. On a whim, I plucked a few leaves and nibbled it tonight. It still tasted tart and tasty. What struck me as astounding, is when I looked it up in my Peterson Guide for medicinal plants, it turns out it was historically used to treat mouth sores.
Sometimes,  life is strange.

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