Thursday, June 28, 2012

Has it really been that long since I posted?!

In fact, it has been that long...

A lot has gone on since September:
  •  I started school, was doing stellar and then once again had to withdraw for medical reasons at the end of October
  • Said medical reasons being an MRI shows the disk in my back at L5/S1 is now completely herniated and shifted in such a way that my left leg goes numb if I stand for more than a minute, and after about 10 minutes of walking. There was also the sheer exhaustion when I got home from school. That made life fun, too. Not.
  • Ended up abysmally depressed about the whole thing. As in "debating the meaning of existance" depressed
  • Pretty much isolated myself from everyone and just about everything, including missing about a month of therapy around my birthday
  • Started going to therapy again in April, which has helped immensely, as well as getting switched to Safris since I could no longer afford Abilify
  • Got a Jury Summons for the beginning of June (Through the blessing of computer entropy, I didn't have to deal with the Sandusky trial though!!) and am currently seated as a juror for a civil malpractice trial at the end of July
  • After resigning myself to the fact it just wasn't in the card for this year, found out that because of the extraordinary generosity of Vlad, Pennsic will be happening for not only me, but Rykujin as well!!
  • Dog-sat Shasta for a while while KlrWombat was in Florida
  • And today I started the process to apply to volunteer at the local hospital
I think that pretty much sums up the past (HOLY SHIT!!!) 10 months.Things have started to turn around for me mentally the past month or so.

I have been knitting like mad. For a number of months (January through May) I knit at least one lace shawl a month, as well as sundry other small projects (socks, baby sweater, adult sweater with simple cables). I've managed to finally learn Estonian Cast On, & Kitchner stitch so I could knit the Estonian Flamingo Lace Wrap and was able to master fairly complex cables in lace for the Worcester Shawl. I need to block both of those, but when I do, I'll update the photos section with them. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out, surprisingly. It's something positive to come from the darkness.

Knitting was something that kept me from completely caving in on myself, honestly. As long as there was something on the needles, I had a reason to wake up and get out of bed. I had something I had to finish, even if I didn't necessarily have a person in mind as an intended recipient...

Today, I signed up for the Ravellenics (what WAS called the Ravelympics until the USOC got their panties in a bunch >.< ) Team Bok Bok Motherfucker (TRUST ME!! You WANT to click on this link and read where the name comes from =) My intent is to knit another lace shawl as well as spin a plastic grocery bag of merino roving I dyed with Kool-Aid (Lime and Blue Raspberry...) during the two weeks of 27 July-12 Aug 2012 (yeah, during Pennsic!)  Mass cast on coincides with start of Opening Ceremonies in London: 7:30pm (BST). What's going to be a challenge is the spinning because I don't think I'm going to be able to take my wheel, meaning I'm going to be spinning on a drop spindle. *gulp*

Anyways, that's where I am. I'm hoping to be more regular in my updates, again. Thanks for reading, and *huge hugs and love*