Sunday, August 29, 2010

first week under my belt

Dyed my hair again. This is the color I went to Pennsic with, but because of the sun, it faded pretty badly. I was merely a washed out pink by the end of the week. I'm back to bright, brilliant red.

Pennsic was wonderful. I have a beautiful headband my niece made me. Photos are over here. I can't offer enough thanks to everyone who helped get me there, hung out with me, offered me food, and generally kept me company and made me feel welcome. **HUG**

The first week of classes is over. PSHEW! um, yeah, college is harder than I remembered. I can do it, but dear FSM! I notice things don't come as easy as it used to. I had to reread some of the lecture notes over and over and it's still not engraved in my brain, but I'm getting there. I think that I'm going to like doing the distance education classes this time around. There's a much better sense of class-togetherness instead of being one person laboring alone mailing in papers (my one and only college level F was English 202C back in 1996 done as a distance education class).

more later. hugs and love