Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Scheduled classes for this fall!

I've done it! I've got classes scheduled for this upcoming fall semester!!

I talked to Carol at World Campus Registration and she walked me though signing up for my first semester back to school. She was wonderful and knowledgeable. I called nervous (I was actually shaking =) but by the end of our 1/2 hour on the phone I was feeling much more relaxed and sure of what the next steps would be. So first of all, this is what I'm taking this fall:

IST 110 Information, People and Technology 2nd section
Effective Writing: Technical Writing 2nd section
IST 210
Organization of Data sect 1
IST 250 New Media and the Web sect 2

I was going to take CMPSC 101 but there was only one section and it was full, so I managed to get into IST 250 instead...

I'm still going to be DAF129, but I won't be able to get my password reset until Friday or Saturday. That will gain me access to (as a side note, I remember when JimmyV was first tasked with creating portal waaaaaaaaaay back in the late '90s. *shakes head* Never thought I would be using his work... =) where I can manage just about everything, from what I've seen! ANGEL is where I will do my class work and eLion is where I manage my tuition bill (which will be processed this weekend sometime) and other administratrivia. I also found out that I have 6th semester standing...

aieeeeeeeeeeeeee!! I'm actually doing this! =)