Friday, May 28, 2010

Mom's cats...

I talked a little with my Mom last night via email. She had to put one of her cats down. Max wasn't eating and couldn't use his back legs. =( He had been sick like this off and on for a while and he was just in pain. He was 13. I remember Mom picking him out from the local PAWS shelter... Miss Cleo, another of her cats, is starting to act the same way. Mom's taking it one day at a time... Miss Cleo is 14. She was also a PAWS kitty. I had just moved out of her place and took my kitty Chaucer with me. Mom was lonely so she went to PAWS and found Cleo. She had been outside during the winter and had frostbite on her ears, so they had to amputate (?) most of her ears off. She was about 6mo - 1yr old at the time and no one wanted her. Except my Mom. =-}

It makes me sad to know my Mom is losing her kittiebabies. It makes me wonder about Chaucer... My mom had brought him home from Rockview at about 4 weeks. He was my big, fuzzy, drooling maine coon look-alike. Demented kept him after the divorce. Part of me is mad I didn't get to keep him, but the other part has already mourned his passing. He's not in my life and hasn't been for 5 years. Hard to believe it's been that long.

*sigh* and today Gary Coleman died.
On the happier side of things, I'm going to be bunny-sitting for Cephalogal for the weekend and tomorrow, I get to play D&D with Choperena and friends. I won't have email for the next couple of days, but will have my phone if you have to get ahold of me.

hugs and love

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sedate weekend

I went out Friday night for a little while with a friend I've known since junior high. I had a really good time. We hung out and talked about like D&D, his iTouch and random things. CE has a wonderful, infectious laugh.

Other than that, I've been knitting and watching House. I'm almost caught up with the current episode. I'm on S06E13. I'm going to have to skip some episodes because they're not up on the Fox website, but that's ok.

Wish I had more exciting things to talk about, but life is a little dull, outside of my House addiction. =) I've started drinking more water. I'm hoping that will help withthe
orthostatic hypotension. It's been a problem for about a week, again. Sjögren's has been a minor issue too, so that's what has tipped me off about more water.

I saw my psychiatrist on Thursday. We've upped my Luvox to 150mg and put Wellbutrin back to 150. I'm officially off of Effexor now. (YAY!!!!!!!) I've also been told to up my vitamin D-3 to 2000IU per day. I have to make an appointment with a nutritionist or dietician for high cholesterol. ugh.

Over all, I'm doing ok. The weather today reminded me of Demented's and my trip to Acadia Maine back in '99. Even back then I wasn't mentally healthy. That was what prompted the trip in the first place. I had a meltdown. I remember how beautiful it was there. The B&B that we stayed at had the coolest bathroom I had ever seen. (it was all tiled and the shower drain was just in the middle of the room.) I still think about him. Hope he's doing well.

anyhow, that's about all I have to report at the moment. Hugs and love.