Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hideous driver's license photo

Well, I went today to actually get the new photo ID. It took about an hour because the laminator was borked. Ugh. the photo is horrendous. I've (literally) put on over 100lbs in the past 4 years since the previous one. *sigh* I swear they have some sort of software that makes you look even uglier than you really are. (At least I like to think I don't look nearly that bad!! =)

I've started another Freya Shawl out of pale blue, lace weight wool. It's going pretty well.

Other than that, I've got an email in to a professor I know in IST to see if I can talk with him for a little bit. I want to know what sort of other jobs I could potentially do outside of Systems Administration, things that use what I know, but aren't going to stress me mentally and physically. Once again I get to do psychological profiling for OVR, that's not been set up yet...

urm. That's about it. There's not a lot going on.

hugs and love

[NOTE: this was drafted somewhere in March 2013?]