Saturday, February 20, 2010

out and about

Thursday Choperena kidnapped me and took me to The Knitter's Underground. I wish their web site reflected what a really kick-ass store it is. I bought an Anne Grout spindle. It's quite pretty. I got some really good advice and information about how I knit and what to do with some lovely purple mohair yarn I had. They pointed out that it's the yarn I'm trying to show off, not the knitting pattern. Something as simple as garter stitch on large needles makes it look lacy, but not busy. Over all it was a success.

Thursday night I went to the local SCA meeting and hung out for a while, spinning more. Aurora had some luscious sparkly spring green yarn she had spun with her. mmmm =)

I also got the amazing news that Mrs. Ralph had her baby girl!! Just under 20" and a bit more than 7 lbs. She looks so sweet. Ralph called to talk to me and I could hear her hiccuping in the background. teeny tiny hiccups!

My KnitPicks needles arrived today, so now I have my shrug on a 47" circular needle. It's much easier to work with now. The points are super. I never realized how clunky my Boyle circulars were till these new needles arrived.

Today, over all, has been a cleaning day. I'm bushed and my back hurts, but the apartment looks better. Now to just start throwing stuff out... so much junk =)

hugs and love

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

looks like I have to nix plans for summer and start in the fall

I contacted PSU's Financial Aid Office today to get clarification about that Pennsylvania State Summer Grant listing I saw. I was told I missed the deadline for grants for this summer since the cut off was May 1 of last year. =( The link for the PSSG is still ambiguous to me since it said check back in March, but the woman I talked to said it was the same thing as the standard PHEAA grant application for 09-10 (and hence, still too late).

I won't be able to start till fall.

I feel like a dolt for thinking I was going to be able to start this summer. Now, after I told everyone I was going to start this summer, I'm not. I don't mean to be a big fat liar. May of last year I wasn't even seriously thinking about starting school, just sort of mulling it over...

glah. This sucks huge hairy moose balls.

Monday, February 15, 2010

fall or summer??

I'm in a bit of a quandary. I found out that I applied too late for the 09-10 PHEAA grant. Without the grant, I won't have enough money to pay for summer classes. There was a link for "Pennsylvania Summer State Grant." but it says to revisit the site in March. I don't know if this is separate grant that I could use for this summer or not. My advisor is out of the office today, but I left her a message asking about what I can do and to please call me back. *sigh*

just when I think I have all my ducks lined up in a row, someone picks one off with a BB gun.

The net effect is I may have to put off school till the fall when I get all my grants and loans approved. I don't want to do this. It feels like it's never going to happen. Summer seems so far off, and fall seems even farther away to me. I know my therapist is going to have a field day picking me apart over this.

"Do you think you're just procrastinating?" NO, I can't do it if I don't have the bloody funds.

"Well, how do you feel about it?" Sick. I had made plans and now they're in limbo. There's some vague chance I still might be able to go in the summer, but that seems a long shot. I'm most likely going to have to start in the fall and I feel like a failure because I can't start when I had planned.

"Tell me more about feeling like a failure. I think that's an interesting assessment of yourself."


[head, desk, thunk]


I'm doing mostly ok. I've been sick this past week, really run down and achy. I missed a couple doses of ibuprofen and I noticed it. AR took me to wallyworld today so I was able to pick up my prescriptions. yay.

I got tired of my hair looking like raspberry blue cotton candy, so I dyed it purple. I figured the Dragulator was giving me subliminal messages. At the moment, I look like a purple Gilda Radner, that's how wavy and frizzy my hair is...

I've been keeping myself busy when I'm not sleeping by spinning (both on the wheel and drop spindle), beading a little, and knitting. I've started knitting a shrug for myself. I've got a pair of socks in the works, but I get bored knitting them sometimes. I don't do any one thing for more than a 1/2 hour, generally, bouncing from project to project...

anyhow, I owe phone calls to a number of you. Sorry about that. I'll call soon

hugs and love