Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's been a day

Well, the bad news up front. I found out that M. passed away early this morning. She's no longer in pain. It doesn't really make it easier for the living who are now without her. My tears are somewhat selfish, I lament that I will have no more time to spend with her. I won't see her next Pennsic. I won't be able to pester her with questions or ask her how she did xyz thing. I only ever got to see a tiny bit of her scintillating personality. It was enough for me to know she was a wonderful, giving person who is going to be missed by those around her.

There's a M. shaped hole in the world.
I talked to Ralph tonight. His MIL will be able to come and help after all, so it looks like I won't be going to MD after all. I'm kinda bummed, but there's the possibility of a visit later this spring, in March or maybe April. I look forward to hanging/helping out with the Ralphs.

Mrs Ralph is possibly going to bring Ralphette out into the world earlier than planned. Ralphette is seeming eager to meet everyone a few weeks early. Looks like I'm going to have to send the baby sweater out sooner than I planned!!

One light goes out, another winks into being.
I talked with Josh, my Comcast contact for this trouble ticket, this morning. While he's not sure what maintenance has come up with (he's going to follow up with them tomorrow and give me a call back), he has arranged for this month's bill to be credited.

It's frustrating that we have the problems, but I have to say, everyone that I've talked to this month have been really nice and as helpful as possible.
Choperena stopped by to give me a belated giftmas present, two yummy skeins of pink silk yarn. YAY!! we caught up on life and knitting for a little bit. I sent her home with my ball winder and spinning wheel. I've been knitting more than I have been spinning, so it seemed a waste to have it just sitting in the living room. She presented me with a quandary about weaving that I need to solve. It has to do with the warp edges. I'm sure I know how to fix the problem, it's on the tip of my brain, it just won't come out. I'll sleep on it and probably wake up at 4am with the solution.
That's about it for now. Hugs and love to you all