Saturday, January 23, 2010

I hate Comcast's connection

We have been having major connection problems for the last couple of weeks. Our cable modem will just reset itself randomly. It's very frustrating. (It makes playing WoW and FFxi difficult *hrumph*) We had a really good, senior tech guy out about 2 weeks ago to look. He said it's definitely on Comcast's end. He was worried that it had something to do with the physical lines that run on the telephone poles. When they ran a diagonstic the discovered that we were getting anywhere from 16 to almost 25mb downloading, but the uploads were falling off the face of the earth. Meaning anytime you send a query to a web page [try to go anywhere] you have a 1 in 5 chance of it not going. Meaning you have to hit 'reload'. sometimes again. and again.


Then the cable modem freaks out, reboots itself and 6 minutes later, it's fine for another hour or so till it starts the same happy horse shit all over again.

Someone is coming out tomorrow (yeah, on a Sunday, believe it or not!) to look at our connection, and then he will find the wiring to be fine, meaning he (you know, it could be a she... I'm not trying to be sexist) will refer it once again to Maintenance so they can go out in their little bucket trucks and fiddle around with the main wires again.

So basically a whole lot of nothing, just ghosts in the machine, if you will. blah
Rykujin has started spring cleaning. We're going through boxes and closets clearing stuff out. I've agreed to throw away a lot of my cloth scraps. I save every snit of fabric that looks like it might be large enough to go into a crazy quilt. Meaning I have 1"x2" pieces of fabric (or larger) crammed in, oh say, 4 boxes. Fabric is heavy. Espcially when it's cramed full of little swatches of fabric. *whistles innocently*

From there, I don't know what's next exactly. Redding up the back room where all my craft stuff lives will probably be next. I guess it's safe to throw away that Bombay Saphire Gin bottle I've been saving for the past 7 years. It's not been beaded yet and as it looks, it's low on the list of things to do, so, time to recycle it.

hugs and love

Friday, January 22, 2010

I did it! Step one...

Good news, everybody!! (said in The Professor's voice)

Thanks to Apryl who replied to my post about applying to World Campus, I filled out the corret form and put it and my $20 in the mail!! *does happy dance*

I'm going back to school!

Now for the FAFSA. I got my 1099 thingy from the Social Security office. So I'll start it tonight...
I wasn't sure how long it was going to take to get the hang of FFxi, but I'm settling back into the groove pretty well. The biggest thing is going to be getting my macros set up. My big brother gave me a couple of web sites (a FFxi wiki site and alkazham) that have all kinds of good information, so I should be able to get them working.

It's very strange going from FFxi to WoW and back to FFxi. I'm still playing WoW, don't get me wrong (I have it loaded in the background as I type this =) but now I have something else to distract me and use up time. lol They feel very different from one another. That might be partially because one is a platform game (Final Fantasy XI on an Xbox) vs computer (WoW on a mac). I'm guessing if I played FFxi with a mouse and keyboard it might feel more similar.

There's a slightly weird feeling playing FFxi from the standpoint the last time I played things were much different in my life. Demented and I both played, and there were other people I was friends with who played. Ah, a different lifetime ago on a different server. For the most part I just ignore that. It's far outweighed by the happiness I get knowing that I've added my big brother back into my life in a more concrete and active way. I think knowing that he is the nucleus around which new experiences will form, turns the whole thing into a pearl, my favorite gem. =)

well, off I go to go fishing in WoW. Hugs and love to you all

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Finally got FFxi working!

It took about 3 hours, but it's working and Rykujin has even made a character (currently a galka Monk =) There's a bit of a learning curve but we're working on it.


X-P FFxi installation issues

So I installed FFxi on my Xbox. At least, I thought I had spent 2 hours installing it.

google Xbox 360 disk read error FFxi and read the lovely suggestions for fixing a huge problem. Don't feel like it? I don't blame you. Let me sum up what Square Enix told me.

There's a known problem attributed to Micro$oft's updating of the dashboard that breaks FFxi. If you do not exit POL cleanly (I mean anal retentively logging out correctly and/or never invoking dashboard while in POL) it corrupts key files which then prevent the reading of the FFxi **disk itself.** It tries to convince you that the disk is broke. Ask me how I know. Go on. That's right. Apparently, I screwed it up by trying to create my own Xbox live account while still in the POL loader program.

The official Square Enix way to fix this problem? Reformat the hard drive and re-install from scratch. There are other work-arounds which will fix this but they involve swapping your HDD with another Xbox to trick it.


So now I'm sitting through the reinstallation. I haven't slept in over 24 hours and I'm just a tad cranky at the Xbox.

*sigh* Don't worry, I'll get over it, but why must Xbox always turn out to be some major Drama Llama??!

reviving old habits

Well, it's finally happened. I'm getting sucked back into FFxi again. XD My big brother and I talked about it and I've been hemming and hawing because trying to find a hard drive and the game for the old style PS2's struck me as PITA. I had forgotten that Rykujin had pointed out it's available for the Xbox 360. Well, he reminded me. Not only that, but my big brother did the finger work for me and found the listing for the game and it comes with all the expansions. I ordered it yesterday. It will be here today. Did I mention it comes with 1 month free? Oh yeah. I just found something else to occupy my time. As if WoW wasn't bad enough... (in which I'm currently stuck grinding my 72.5 hunter to get to 73 lol).

Big Bro and I talked about this off and on for years now. I've been just lazy and made excuses, I think. Really, it's a good idea. Yes, it's another mmorpg, but it has the dubious distinction of getting me to socialize (even if it's online) at least once a week and keeps me in closer contact with my brother. Both of which Rykujin avidly encourages me to do.
We've started to clean (redd up) the apartment. I'm going to have to do the painful thing and start throwing things out. I've got about 2 weeks to buckle down and really start organizing junk. We started by getting some of my friend, SD, stuff out of the one closet. Now mind you, the closets are large enough to walk 2 paces into and about 5 feet across. They're sizable. I was storing SD's collectable baseball cards and assorted memorbilia as well as an amp and headless base guitar. I had to give him an ultimatum, and he came and picked up his stuff. I feel sorta bad because he lives in something smaller than a studio and, to be brutally honest, he had a LOT of crap here. It pretty much filled 2/3's of the closet more than waist high. What would that turn out to be... um 5'x6'x4'? He left me the bass and amp. Now I have 2 basses and 2 amps. What in the world am I going to do with 2 of each??
The big news. The reason I give myself 2 weeks to clear up (at the very least) my back craft room is because I'm most likely going to Maryland for a month or so and staying with Ralph, Mrs Ralph and Ralph Jr. Mrs Ralph is expected to give birth to a baby girl (Ralphette??) around February 17th. Her mom was going to come and stay with them for a while, but some unforeseen medical complications have interfered with that plan. So Ralph asked me. I'm honored that he would think to ask me, honestly. I would help with Ralph Jr. and probably around the house some. I'm a little scared, to be truthful. I know which end of a baby is up (I'm pretty sure, though I hear rumors that they leak out all sides) but that's about the extent of my baby knowledge. Well, I mean, I know where they come from and the medical facts surrounding babies and birthing and all that, but actual field experience is, shall we say, limited. =) Rykujin pointed out that if I can deal with the two boys from upstairs (rambunctious 8yo and 10yo) I should be able to handle Ralph Jr. without any problems.

I'll have my laptop and net access, so communications shouldn't be too much of a problem. I'll be leaving my phone here in State College with Rykujin, but email will get checked frequently. I also plan on keeping my blog fairly up to date.
I started filling out the application to PSU for World Campus yesterday. I have some questions I need answered, so I'll be calling them later today A majority of the application I've been looking at is geared towards kids who are in high school or freshly out of HS. Almost none of it is geared towards returning adult students. I recalled that last month I had come across a page specifically geared towards people like me, but can't find it again for the life of me. It was also listing a $20 fee instead of the $50 fee associated with this form. *sigh* figures.

ok. that's the interesting stuff at the moment.
hugs and love