Friday, January 15, 2010

At a loss for a title today

I found out earlier today that an acquaintance I care about a great deal is gravely sick with cancer. The abbreviated version is that it seems to have started out as breast cancer that spread to her bones. She's been in the hospital since December. It doesn't seem months ago that we were sitting around and she was showing me how to 'toe weave' and we were joking around. She is a font of knowledge and generous in sharing it. She's far enough away that I don't really have the option of visiting her or her family. I don't know how I could really help, other than to offer my thoughts and good wishes. It has hit me much harder than I expected. I know my tears aren't constructive, but I shed them anyhow. She's such a wonderful person, a medical doctor, herself, who has done things and gone places I can only dream about...

My own issues seem so small in comparison.

I keep looking at the tiny baby sweater I just finished and think about the absurdity of life. It seems so fickle, defined by randomness... Waking up one day not knowing it's the day that redefines everything....


I'm doing ok, some minor health issues. My thyroid is still out of whack, my cholesterol is rather high as well as one of my muscle enzymes. I've started taking omega 3 oil and niacin to try and lower the cholesterol. (I can't take regular cholesterol lowering drugs [statins?] because of the muscle enzyme problem). I'm also going to see a dietician in the near future. Then more bloodwork to keep track of everything.

Next week I re-apply to PSU and do the FAFSA to get the ball rolling for summer classes. That's still the plan. The only thing that can derail it is if I don't get enough financial aid, then I have to consider other places, but that's only the backup plan.

*hugs* and lots of love to everyone.
Even if I don't talk to you often, I think about you all the time.