Tuesday, August 24, 2010

And So It Begins

I just had this *poof* epiphany moment just now when I realize not only am I socializing in my class, but also that I will basically eat, sleep, and work class work. I simply have to give over to the dark side of socializing and turn this... this Class Thing into a lifestyle.


That's some serious commitment on my part. *gulp* It's like grabbing the waist band of your Big Girl Pants and you're putting them on oh so slowly... Until you suddenly realize that it's already on you and it sends a message, what you wear is a statement about what you think about life, the universe and everything.

Putting on those Big Girl Pants gives you certain Commitments.

I'm horrified of Commitment be it with another person or my cell phone contract. The only thing I can think of that scares me more it's "TeamWork".

The class I thought was going to be easiest, IST110, has a final project that requires a team to work together in order to make a 5-8 minute video we have to post to youTube for our final. We have to write the script, get the folly sounds, record it, convert it, the whole WHOLE spiel,
as a team?! If I were doing the whole thing myself , I would be fine doing the project alone, but add in "a team" and klaxons go off and red, spinning lights pop up.

I sit here in wide-eyed wonder at what Ralph and KlrWombat must be dealing with at work, managing other people.


well, back to reading about my classmates. (at least one of them has a really good sense of humor.)


choperena said...

Yay, big girl panties! I get to finally meet with a professor that every body tells me is the go-to guy in the Sci Ed department this morning and hope he knows how to resolve my educational situation :/

Anonymous said...

You CAN DO this thing! Your big girl pants fit just fine and I like the fluorescent paisley print very much! Let me know if you need any help, or want to dd bell bottoms! I'm there for you babe!


Anonymous said...

Erg... Stupid computer! I meant ADD! ADD bell bottoms;)