Monday, June 21, 2010

A busy weekend

My weekend (photos included) started Friday morning by going over to KlrWombat's to dog-sit Shasta for him over a long weekend.

Friday night Choperena took me to The Bar to see CE sing and celebrate his birthday. We hung out with a guy, BK, who seemed to geek out in style to Choperena's pleasure! We went to Perkins afterwards and just talked for a while. As we started to leave, he asked for her number to give her a call later. *does happy dance* It was good to see her that happy =)

Saturday was Knit in Public Day, though the spinners were out in force. Choperena and I could only stay for a couple hours because we had a Dungeon Date with her housemate and some other friends.

Sunday was a quiet day just hanging out with Shasta at home and walking her.

Today we had some Drama with J and Q. J will be going home in August and will stay there. We just cannot provide what she needs. It's a weight off my shoulders...

Time to let one of the munchkins from upstairs play WoW...
more later; hugs and love

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choperena said...

Ouch. I'm guessing she threw a fit? Or did both of them throw it? Ugh. As the person responsible for that apartment, it is about time that your wishes were listened to!

Kisses, and squeeee ^_^