Saturday, December 12, 2009

a pretty good dayI saw Ralph

Ralph came up from MD today to drop off a tv. It's the last I'll see of him until after March sometime (because of the baby on the way). I had a really nice time. We talked about Rykujin, school (for both R and me), the baby and a myriad of other things. I finally went to the new Creamery and got some Keeny Beanie ice cream (my favorite).

Let's see, what all has gone on since last I blogged...

My mommy came for a visit. It was SUPERgood to see her. It's been ages. I offloaded some yarn onto her in the hopes if she gets bored enough, she might turn it into a crocheted sweater. I can't believe she's 60. 60!!!! My mom stopped aging somewhere in her 30's to me. It always comes as a shock to remember that I'm 35. Where has all the time gone?? *sigh*

My dryer broke. The belt that makes it tumble snapped. We're going to have a repair guy come out Wednesday to fix it. I just hope he can. I can't figure out how you get into the dryer to do it... There's one tiny little portal in the lower back corner that you can open (that's how we found the snapped belt) but for the life of me, I don't know how to actually get into the dryer... Anyhow it's less than $100 to fix it which is a far cry from $250 minimum to replace it. Ouch.
I'll be so happy to do laundry again with my own dryer... so happy...

and- I dyed my hair again... It's now teal, royal blue and purple... *hugs* to you all