Sunday, September 20, 2009

a million tiny fibers

Well, yesterday was "Spin in Public" day (as well as "Talk like a Pirate" day, Arrrr!) and the Crafty Bitches made their way to Mad About Ewes in Lewisburg for the day. I had a great time. I found way too much yarn that needed a new home and more importantly, I was able to get 3# of wool (a lovely light grey Romney) to mix with my 3# of alpaca (a deep chestnut red).

Cephalogal was kind enough to teach me how to hand card the two together into 'rolags' so that I can spin (top whorl drop spindle) it all into yarn. I worry that I'm going to be carding and spinning for the next decade, it looks like so much fiber! I don't even have a remote idea when I'll be able to actually knit with it... For now, it's all a novel new skill to tuck under my belt (you know, for when humanity disintegrates back into cave men, lol)

I leaned that Tencel is wood pulp made into a fiber. It's considered a synthetic because it is man made, but like Rayon, is made from natural materials so it has essentially all the characteristics of a natural fiber like cotton, for instance. If you read the wiki on Tencel, it's pretty fascinating. Ok. maybe it's interesting just to me ;-)

Off to do more spinning!