Saturday, September 12, 2009

I hate September

Too many bad things lumped together all at once.

8th - 28 years anniversary of my dad dying
9th - Happy Birthday Demented. I hope you're doing well
11th - *grunt*
13th - Rykujin's birthday

To top it off, Rykujin has what we think is an abscess under one of his teeth. He's scheduled for a root canal on the 21st. The Dentist had given him 10 days of penicillin and said that should help stop the pain. Well he took it and 4 days after the course was run, we were in the ER last night because Rykujin was so miserable. He's even got swelling on that side of his face. Back on penicillin again. Happy Birthday to him.


I'm still debating the haircut thing. I like the razored emo-esque haircuts too. The funny thing is, with my hair long, I get a lot of compliments from older women (say 50-60 years old). It's a moot point at the moment anyhow, because of lack of funds.

On the positive side, I finished my Quant head band today! yay me.

Monday, September 07, 2009

hair cut time

So I'm thinking I want a change. I'm looking at the following photos as examples of what I might like. Comments or thoughts from people. Here's the current hair style. I end up wearing it back in a pony tail or pig tails most of the time. Maybe I shouldn't even do anything (other than keep coloring it =)