Thursday, August 27, 2009

the saga continues

Well long time no type. I'm sure I could turn the last couple weeks into an epic poem if I really sat down to do it. At the moment, I'm snarfing someone's open wi-fi to post this. My internet was shut off while I was at pennsic. *whistles Innocently* It will get taken care of soon. Anyhow...

Rykujin went off to Job Corps just like planned, but only made it through 5 days there. He said the daytime staff was very nice and mostly made up for the fact that the premises was an old mental institution surrounded by barb wire and guards. Once the day shift was gone, however, it reverted to a prison mentality. the week before he arrived, one student had shot another. He got along with the other students (inmates =-) but felt he was too old to really deal with all the other crap. He came back here while I was still at Pennsic.

He's started the process to go to the University of Phoenix online. He just found out that in addition to the federal grant and loan, he also qualifies for the PA PHEAA grant, too. So that's a very good thing.

Today he's in Lewistown dealing with his child support. As of late, however, Rev has been over to hang out. It's been nice to see him. He's loaning us his XBox 360 for a while. Rykujin and Rev are absorbed into Fable II at the moment.

I'm doing ok. cephalogal, choperena and nanonukie have been instrumental in keeping my spirits up. We spent the last weekend hand dying wool yarn. It was a BLAST! I want to do more. much more and try selling it, possibly. at the moment I'm knitting a scarf out of one ball that I'm calling 'Early Autumn' since it's shades of deep green, with just a little yellow and crimson/chestnut. *does happy dance*

Nanonukie introduced me to one of her husband's friends, Z. He's really cool! He works for a company that does GIS maps for farmers based on soil samples so they can fertilize crops more effectively. Blew my mind. He also has an extensive knowledge of esoteric movies. I really like hanging out with him. Someone else who likes listening to Director's Commentaries just as much as I do! hehehehe