Thursday, June 11, 2009

up on!

Well, I've done it. I've started adding my jewelry to I'm at if you want to look. At some point I want to be able to have more than just 10 items and ideally be able to accept credit cards. All in due time. I at least got a few things up.

I don't really have hope that they'll sell. There must be hundreds of items there. What is the chance that someone will even come across my listings AND want the items I'm offering. It's a long shot but at least it's a start.

well, off to list more things.
hugs and love

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


this is as much a note to myself as a note to you, dear reader.

I have discovered knit scumbling! OMG. it's like my free form beading, but with string instead!! (sorry, but it's a 2 exclamation point revelation for myself =-)
There are some seriously faboo example at Knot Just Knitting or you can visit her Flicker Gallery. They're absolutely delicious!

I realize now I don't have nearly enough odds and ends of yarn. I see my future stretched out in front of me. Years of collecting beads and yarn in all kinds of textures and colors. *sigh* I guess I could have more expensive hobbies.


wow! I've reached 150 posts. Mostly all drivel. After all, there's only so much that goes on my secluded life. I can talk about doctor's office visits and med adjustments, but who really wants to know day-to-day, blasé stuff like "oh, I'm seriously constipated" or "I went fishing on WoW for 2 hours today."

It doesn't make for great reading.

I guess I'll at least post a plea tonight: Currently, I'm looking for a ride to Pennsic Saturday July 25th. KlrWombat has other obligations that take him out of state. I'm going from State College to Cooper's Lake just outside of Slippery Rock. From my place it's about a 3 hour drive. If anyone knows anyone who would be willing to do it, I am paying round trip gas and food. Let me know.

Beyond my search for a ride, I've been futzing around, keeping myself busy various ways. I am working on a pink cotton snood using 4mm double pointed knitting needles. I've also been working in the bead room not only making pieces, but photographing and documenting them. That is in preparation for posting them on I also have started preparing fabric to make a baby quilt for StudDragon's upcoming addition.

Guess I better sign off and hit the hay.
hugs and love all