Thursday, June 04, 2009

wool and other tangles

Well, I'm washing some wool. I bought it originally to felt into beads, but I like to colors so much I might try spinning a small ball with it. I'm not sure yet. One thing I have discovered about washing wool (other than it's a bit smelly when wet) is that it's time consuming when there is 'field dirt' (my name for shit and dirt) mixed in with plant matter. Leaning over the sink is killing my back, so I have to do it in small increments. Tomorrow (ok, later today) I'm going to tackle a larger bag in the kitchen sink instead of the small handfuls I've been doing in the bathroom sink.

I finally got my account on ravelry and it's already got my head spinning (no pun intended) with projects to do! I'm looking at some fingerless gloves since my hands get cold while working with beads (stupid Raynaud's) and sometimes on the computer. The 1# of wool I bought is probably going to be made into a shawl, and I found lace headbands to make too. 

Aurora and D. took me to the local weavers and knitters guild meeting yesterday. I have to admit, I had some anxiety about going. In the end, it was a great evening with women who assured me that having A Stash is perfectly normal and if I didn't have at least one room dedicated to my crafts (check. Got that covered) I would soon enough. While having a loom (small, though it is =) put me firmly into the 'belonging' category, I realize that I'm going to get a spinning wheel someday. It's as simple as that. I've become so hooked on fibers, out and beyond just string and yarn, that it's almost ridiculous. lol. oh well. 
I think I may be getting sick again. I'm really tired most of the day, but sleep still eludes me unless I take my Trazadone and I don't like taking it during the day. It screws up my sleep pattern. Though I suppose seeing that I'm posting at 12:30 at night doesn't help so much. I'm trying a couple different ways to beat the headaches  into submission, including wearing my glasses (since I've been beading) and taking caffeine pills (not drinking soda ATM). Don't worry, I haven't taken any since 3pm...

Over all, since getting the bead room functional, I've been in a better mood and less melancholy, just occasionally anxious if I'm dealing with people. 

So I play World of Warcraft. It's supposed to be this place where you interact with others. Not me. I spend my hour or so a day fishing. Someone, a stranger, asked me to join a group because they were bored and thought they could get me some better armor. I panicked and made an excuse that supper was ready and logged off instead of going out adventuring. It literally caused me to panic. That's how my brain still works, for some reason. How lame am I? *sigh*

well, I guess I'll try and get some sleep. Later.

Monday, June 01, 2009

long time no type

Well, it's been over a month since I last posted. Various reasons; trip to Pittsburgh, being sick, cleaning, SCA related things, beads.... It's nice that I can add 'beads' to the list. There's a little bit of being lazy too, but I just never seemed to get around to posting.

I'll try going in chronological order.

The trip to The 'Burgh was nice. I enjoyed my time with C+J. We talked about me moving there (seriously talked, as in not renewing my lease here in Boalsburg) and even looked at one of her friend's place. In the end, I don't think I'm ready to move yet for a number of reasons. I really didn't see me being able to pull the money together to do so. As lame as it sounds, I don't know that I'm ready to change doctors (especially my therapist) just yet, either. There are many good reasons to go there (large artist community, more specialist doctors, etc) but I'm staying here for at least another year.

I was dog sick the last couple days there and then for a couple days back home. It might have been a resurgence of the flu, but I honestly think that Mc Donald's food is officially off limits for me. For whatever reason, the last 3 times I've eaten there (2 different locations) I've become painfully sick. Oh well. no more Big Macs for me.

The week after I got home, I got a cortisone epidural at L5/S1, so I was laid up for a few days after that. On the plus side, I'm not having as much numbness in my left leg, so I think it's helping. Woot!

From there, I was working on a new dress. It's plum silk-like fabric with a ecru brocade bodice. It was put together in an early 1500's Venice Italy style with detached sleeves. I finally found a use for all that linen lucet cord I made! Over all, I think it turned out pretty well even if I didn't have period fabrics. I finished it and wore it to crown tourney at the end of April. I had a good time while there. Vlad, Valeska and my niece stayed with me for that weekend. It was wonderful. (it's nice to have a guest room again!)

The down side to having the guest room was the fact that a ton of stuff got dumped into the bead/sewing room making it unusable. So, for the past month, Rykujin had been helping me move things around and tidy up. The upside is I now have a working beading table and most of my beads are organized. I say 'most' because I've discovered just how many beads I have. 

It's a lot.

My therapist has been working with me to put my life back into some sort of productive routine. It's not that I've not been making things ( re the socks saga and the obsessive spinning) but rather something more focused on moving forward. I don't know if that makes any sense, but suffice it to say I have a tax license again (in my name only) and I've been both making Objects d'Art as well as writing instructions for bracelets so that I might submit them to magazines for print. I think sitting in the room, organizing beads that I can remember purchasing 10, 15 years ago and thinking back even farther, I realized I've been playing with beads for over 20 years. Closer to 25, really. I've been playing with Fimo and other polymer clays for about 19 years!! Time really does fly.

Aurora has turned me towards and to sell my wares. I need to photograph them, as well as read up on how the two sites work and the TOS, but who knows, maybe soon I'll actually have things for sale again. I've even thought about going back to the Black Cat or trying to teach at Creative Oasis if either place will have me. I still want my own store, someday. Baby steps first. Consider it a 5 year plan sorta thing. =) I already have someone lined up to help with the books, though. I wonder if she would run screaming if I asked her to help inventory beads, tools, jewelry etc. ? lol

Anyhow, tomorrow I'm going to my first meeting of the local Weavers and Spinners' Guild. Like anything new I try (anymore at least) I'm a little wigged out about it. I don't know how I'll fit. I'm the square peg trying to fit into a round hole. Oh well, I'll manage. It's good for me to get out, right? =-)

This past weekend a group of us went to the TrimTex mill and then Steam Valley Fibers. I had received my 'Stimulus Money' so I splurged a little on myself (my other prize purchase was a tiny pink iPod Shuffle =) and bought a pound of roving called California Surfing. I've already spun one ounce of it and have moved onto the next ounce.

Rykujin is still on target to go to Pittsburgh mid to late July to start schooling. He is looking at business management instead of culinary schooling. He talked with the intake counselor and they decided that while everyone has to eat, there's a limited amount of need for sou chefs. When presented with a trade school certificate verses a BS, the BS has more weight. Besides, he would have to deal with onions regularly and that would pose problems for him.

well, I guess that's enough for now. More later and I'll try to make sure that it's not as long a wait as this last time.