Tuesday, March 24, 2009

quiet house again

My Cousin found another photo. I must be, what, about 2? So it's somewhere around 1976 (the Bicentennial!! believe it or not, I still have vague memories of the 4th of july parade in Osceola Mills that year =) My mom is standing behind (in her Oh-So-Stylish 70's garb ;-) and that's my Dad's mom and Dad seated. I loved both my Paps very much, though for different reasons. This Pap used to read Edgar Allen Poe to me, let me look through his ornithology books (a bit of a professional amateur ornithologist =), and inevitably, once a week take me on a walk around town so he could buy that week's bingo gifts (he was the caller and treasurer). I remember going into Iberson's Apothecary where they had perfume testers sitting out on a gleaming counter. We would both come back stinking to high heaven from testing all the perfumes. I think it drove my mom nuts. to this day, I still think my grandma had the coolest glasses ever.

Well, my house is quiet again, Andankaira has gone back home to Virginia. We've started spring cleaning, redding up and scrubbing things. Tomorrow is window cleaning for me. Rykujin will be vacuuming and moving my sewing table. In the mean time, I've knitted a pair of (horribly) mismatched wool socks for myself, done a little beading and weaving and started yet another pair of socks. I've turned into a sock fiend. Once I got the hang of it (mostly),  it's something that gives me quick satisfaction and is functional. I sit and watch NCIS while I knit.

My meds are steady and seem to be doing ok. Next week I go off ibuprofen in anticipation of the cortisone epidural mid-April. Standing for longer than 10 minutes still makes my left leg go numb, so I'm hoping this will help. *crosses fingers*

ok. that's about it for now. Hugs and love!