Saturday, March 14, 2009


I'm the one on the right with my tummy hanging out. Now I'm really 35. It's one of those weird numbers to me. Other people turn 35, I'm.... I don't know. Ageless, I guess. I don't ever remember thinking about hitting 35. Strange. Thank you Jo for the photo =) So hard to think that was really me... Anyhow, happy birthday to Strauß, Einstein, Billy Crystal and others!

Mostly a quick update on Rykujin. We did the Altoona trip. He's going into Job Corps for Business Administration. He decided it will be a more flexible/useful degree to get than Culinary Arts. He will be leaving either 4/27 or the end of July. It depends upon Job Corps's doctor's recommendation. He's really going though. He will be gone for at least 2 years to Pittsburgh, with only two 2 week breaks (beginning of July and end of December).

Otherwise, I've been sick with a cold off and on for a couple weeks now. I think I get over it, go outside and 'mingle' with the world and BLAM. I end up sick again. I hate (Day, Nite)quil. 

I have learned to spin from a top spindle (thank you Aurora! Thank you both for the beautiful gift of silks, too!) I've been able to spin much finer thread with it. I just plied and wound a small ball of aqua wool I made on it. At the moment, I'm knitting myself socks out of red wool I first spun last fall. I'm getting the hang of the sock thing. Yay!!

anyhow, Love you all. **HUG** take care and I'm thinking about you all....