Thursday, January 29, 2009

been sick, which sucks

Um, I don't even know where I left off. I'll have to re-read my last couple of entries and get back to you on that.

Things have quieted down for the most part. Metalmaniac is settling into a radically adjusted life with his dad. I'm having really bizarre dreams involving *my* dad and trains. I've had the mother of all colds for a week now. Over a week actually. I can't hear very well in either ear, but my left is worse at the moment. Which sucks. It's the ear I use for the phone (if I use my right ear I end up saying "what?" "huh?" a lot and that's without a cold). Yesterday was hair dying day. I went weird. intense-violet-purple for the front of my hair and the rest is fire-engine red. Vlad will recognize the extremely period hair style I'm wearing in the photo, re: "A Knight's Tale". 

My Landlady has been out of the office, I've felt crappy and I haven't followed though completely on my homework. I will be calling people tomorrow (hopefully I can hear you).

Over all, been generally cranky and irritable. It doesn't help that I've had to stop my ibuprofen for the 10 days before 2/5. I'm getting a cortisone epidural at L5/S1 and you have to stop all medicines that can thin your blood. Apparently that includes motrin. 

feeling really scatter-brained at the moment. Hungry. Time for supper. more later.