Sunday, December 28, 2008


Well, I've done it! I made my first ball of yarn! It only took me like 5 years.

I bought the wool back in 2003 or 4 at the local SCA "FFF (?not sure if it was this one or not)" event. 

It came from Ursula's Alcove out in Canonsburg, PA. It was 4oz of 'super wash 100% wool" color:' midnite' for $4. I even made myself a little drop spindle out of a wooden dowl, a small J hook and some old CDs. I had no idea what I was doing though. It never dawned on me that I was doing nothing more than the original technique that I used when i was spinning random threads and yarn together with a hand-crank drill. 

Fast forward to September this year and add Aurora and you've got me spinning. I've spun about 8oz of yarn so far (it's only 2 skeins, but hey. I just started). Enter Aurora's tips and explanations along with a book to refer back to, and I managed to ply the woolen spinning and get it ready for the not-quite-boiling-simmer, allow it to dry and tah-dah! I made my own centre-pull ball of yard.


now what to do with it??


ps- yeah. the fingernails are problematic when typing. I need to cut them back....