Thursday, November 13, 2008

NO LAPTOP for a week or so...

Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm going to be without my laptop (and therefore with out net access) for a week or so.

My disk drive will no longer burn any sort of disks.  (Magic Box [my laptop's name =-] had been one large partition running 10.4. I backed everything up, reformatted the HD to have one 25gig partition for the OS and the remaining 160gig for apps, photos, iTunes library, etc. Then I did a brand-spanking-new install of 10.5 just on the off chance that an upgrade would fix the problem.

No dice. still won't burn any disks using any method I could think of. Turned about 6 DVD+R disks into nice coasters, though. Toast, making a .dmg and burning that to a disk, using Apple's innate Desktop Burn Folder system. Nothing worked.

I had bought the AppleCare service when I bought the laptop so I'm getting a mailer, stuffing the laptop into it and sending it back to Apple for them to fix. Not sure when the mailer will arrive or when I get my laptop back. Apple ships though DHL and of course, DHL just laid off 9500 US employees in an attempt to close down domestic door to door shipping, overseas only.