Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Boyz from the Dwarf are back?!

OOH! I do the facebook thing and came across this stating that it's no longer a rumor, there WILL be a little more Dwarf! I hope that it really is true. Red Dwarf has long been a favorite of mine, after being introduced to it years and years ago by a friend (Ed). 

Anyhow, back to your regularly scheduled day...


Monday, November 03, 2008

long time no type!

Well, it's been far longer than i thought it would be. I always mean well, mean to update my blog, but for some reason I just don't do it. Excuses, excuses. (well, actually I didn't supply any, so I guess I have  no excuse =-)

Things have been... going. I feel like I'm on an emotional see-saw. for part of the day, I feel pretty good. I get a few compliments on things, I feel great. 6 or 7 hours later - BAM. I feel like shit. I don't want to deal with the world any more, everything I do or touch falls to shit, I loathe myself... ugh. All bad. I don't understand it. (ah more personal guilt about being a flake. heh. At least today I'm able to recognize all this and look at it clinically.)

Clinically - the world is so much easier for me to deal with when I can sort and quantify things. To look at everything in a detached, clinical way. The minute you throw in emotion... Watch out. Who knows what direction I'll go with it. =-/ I've decided that if i could have my Emotion Chip removed (Data rocks!), I would be much less erratic. Seeing that I can't....

I've been spending a lot of time in the sewing room (or studio [BWAH ha ha ha! NOT.] or craft room, or Dory's hideout room when the boy's come downstairs to cause chaos, or whatever you want to call it). I've discovered that I like to work in blobs of time. I'll work for an hour on one part of Allo's dress, then maybe 2 hours on some part of my dress, then I go play PS2 for 1/2 hour and hangout with the cats. Rinse and repeat. 

Work on Allo's dress is coming along better than I thought. I need to update the photos to show the progress. She did such stunning couching work on the sleeves. I was mortified to start sewing them, but sew i did. They came out pretty good! Her underskirt is done, but for the hem. The outer skirt has the trim sewed on, is gathered and sitting behind me on her kitchen table for her to couch more yarn in the pattern along the bottom of it. I have to admit. It's looking pretty good. I can mostly live with it. perfect, it is not (at least not by my standards. I feel that I've done sloppy, haphazard work) but it's passable. My dress is all cut out and I've got the pieces of the bodice done, the layers just have to be put together now. The skirt has been started (and I even cut both pieces of velvet in the correct direction!) and the underskirt is next on the list. Once again, not perfect, but passable (by some weird set of conditions I've set in my brain).

My Biggest Quandary is what to do about the lacing holes. Do I use the standard Dritz quality rivet crimp? Do I whip stitch button holes (dear gods. that will take   f o r e v e r . . . cut the hole and just leave them raw (or set with fray-check?) 

Beyond that, I've talked to Phaila about teaching at the FFF on the 15th. GULP. I'll be (attempting) teaching Introduction to Finger Weaving  and Italian Renaissance Beads culminating in a beaded brooch with pearls.

Beyond all this, I've been playing Doctor for various people in my neighborhood. Cuts, scrapes, ingrown toenails, burns... a wide variety of things that I'm apparently able to do for people. There's even been some counseling for people. Of all people, they talk to me. I'd say they're out of their mind to do it, but, well, they are... No one better ever drop a baby on me 'cause there's NO WAY I want to be Goode Dory, the midwife. It has to stop somewhere!! Honestly, 'being there' for the kids and some of the adults takes a LOT of energy, especially mentally. Perhaps that's part of my emotion roller coaster. It's a scary day when I'm the Rational Adult.

Lastly, the final follow up to the Syncope Issue. After the Tilt Table Test, an EEG, and some balance testing, we have come up with... nothing exact. I've been ordered to not stand up too fast, as well as increase my fluid and salt intake dramatically. Yes, I need to add A Lot of salt to my diet. Dr. Hyman (no, I'm not making his name up. That's really what the poor guy had to deal with through high school) the neurologist agreed that basically I need to drink gatoraid. Lots of gatoraid. *sigh* 

That and I've added Mira-Lax (by golly it works!!) and swapped out the geodon for abilify. 

*HUG* love you all (as best as I can understand 'love') take care and ttyl