Tuesday, August 26, 2008

tired. not quite a Monday in disguise

Well, at least it felt somewhat Monday-ish. I saw Dr Head-Shrink today. We talked about how Pennsic was a lot better for me than I anticipated, and how I have some sort of direction to go the next year or so (eg research, sewing and arts [which may or may not include trying to 'teach' said artsy things, so to speak]). We also talked about medication. I'm going to go back on trazadone to help me sleep. As for the other ones I currently take, no change for now. 

After I saw her, I went and saw a cardiologist to get a 'Tilt Table Test' because of my "syncope" [SINK-o-pee] problem (read: light headed and fainting). Oh, and first I had blood work done... Today's count: one fishing trip on the back of my right hand, another one on the wrist behind my thumb, and finally she was able to get the cannula into the vein the phlebotomist used earlier for the blood work. A total of 4 holes and lots of arguing with my veins. After an hour of watching my heart squiggles (ekg), blood pressure, O2 saturation, respiration, etc the final diagnosis is.... orthostatic hypo-tension. In other words, when I stand up too fast, my low blood pressure gets even lower, bringing on the fuzzy spells. So I am to increase fluid intake, add salt to my diet (!!!), watch the stress level and lay down as soon as I feel the fai
ntest indication (haha. puny) of feeling faint. The 'add salt to diet' caught me off guard. Doctors spend years trying to get patients to cut back on their sodium (and other salts) intake, here I'm told I need more. Life is full of strange little ironies.

Amusingly, I took my portable kumihimo disk with me to occupy waiting room time. I had nurses, staff, other people waiting, and my van driver all ask me what I was doing. It was kinda cool. If anyone has any way of finding out who actually taught the intro class at Pennsic, let me know. It was added on-site
 and was not in the guide. I owe her a world of thanks. =)

oh, and I said I would post photos of the New Granger's quilt. They're not great, but you can at least see sort of what the quilting looks like. It was pieced and finished on a sewing machine, but I did all the quilting by hand after drawing the patterns on in sections. I started with the circle in the center and the traditional New grange symbol. Then I added the outside ring and the spirals around the circumference etc. the corners were last.