Wednesday, August 20, 2008

13 years on, I finally did it!

I joined the SCA officially today!

I did my application on-line, so I have my member number and everything. Woot! It's been 13 years (I think... Vlad?) since my big brother first suggested I join. I'm actually pretty psyched about it. After some suggestions from Vlad and others at Camp Vanguard (what a sucky camp. So horrible, I hope to be in it again next year!  ;-), I think I have a direction to develop in. I've been doing some research on-line for late 15th through early 17th century northern Italy. It's been fascinating. It's one part of Europe that I've never really studied. I only know a little as related to Venetian and Murano glass working, especially beads (and the initial creation of what is now known in America as 'The Mob' =-)so it's a great reason to fill out the details of the time and place. 

I was able to find an approved list of names and for now I think I'm going to be 'Lena'. My dad's father's mother's name was Lena, and I always thought that was a nice name. I think it's kosher to use it since she was actually from turn-of-the-20th-century France. There's no tie to my family because it's a different time as well as place. It just made choosing a name to start with easier. (As far as I know, I have no Italian in me at all =)

Well, it's been over a week since I got back from Pennsic. WOW! It was awesome. My sunburn is almost completely healed, the sores on my feet from my Birkenstocks rubbing have almost completely healed, and I'm tan as all get-out. I have some of the better photos available for perusing. Feel free to correct any comments or just add info etc. to the images.

I had meant to write more tonight, but I'm feeling sleepy. I'll post some more tomorrow...