Wednesday, June 11, 2008

transportation woes

Ugh. I was supposed to go to PT today, but there was a mix-up with my transportation, so, no go. I don't think I would be allowed in the pool for aqua therapy anyhow. My right foot has a fissure that's down to the point where it's kinda raw and... well... oozing platelets. In an effort to fix that (by slathering it with Porter's Liniment Salve and a 2x2 of gauze and paper tape), I inadvertently ripped a chunk of skin off the side of my foot about 1" x .25" x .25" when I was changing the dressing. Stupid medical tape. grrrrr. It's right over the pinky toe lump that rubs against the strap of my sandals (both Birks and Tevas). Figures. I'm pretty sure I would be the runner-up (if not winner) of the "ugliest feet in the world" contest. 

I saw the pain dr. yesterday. I have my prescriptions for flexerall and lyrica, I just have to get them filled. I can't wait for the flexerall. My right shoulder and elbow just won't behave. I'm guessing the weather doesn't help. We at least had mild thunderstorms here last night.

Ever realize just how hard it is to type when you have a cat laying on your arms and wrists?? Havoc is so sweet, but this is silly. Guess she's telling me it's time to sign off.

I got to hang out with Alló and KlrWombat the other day. It was quite nice (until I crashed when I got home, but that's another story) but Alló and I thought about canoeing. I'm hoping we can do that maybe sometime this week.


Sunday, June 08, 2008

getting outside

Well, the last couple of days have been insanely hot here in Central PA, but most of you probably already knew that. I've been trying to get outside more (and get rid of the farmer's tan, but I think I'm stuck with it for another year =) We still haven't had any of the thunderstorms that the weather gods keep predictiing, sadly, but there's always this week! We did have rain early last week and it's made things greener and flowers bloom, so that's nice, at least. The heat has me somewhat puffy, but nothing too bad and the McKenzie exercises help with the pain and stiffness a great deal. Nothing's FIXED, but it's helping me cope better.

I'm still having problems with my battery recharger and it's irritating me to no end, but I've started using Rykujin's so I know I have at least one set of batteries for my camera. *sigh*

Friday, Alló took us grocery shopping. Poor thing. Rykujin and I nit-picked each other till I think she wanted to seriously maim both of us. Neither one of us grabbed the shopping list (though we managed to get everything off it we needed and waaaaaay too much soda, though I have to advise the 3 new flavors of Mountain Dew with ginseng are good, if not a throwback to College Era mixers. Rykujin doesn't drink alchohol, but the new 'Dew flavors are almost like energy drinks and he's been zinging off the damn walls. Yes, more than usual. hehehe. 

We also got the new 'mystery flavor' of Doritos. OMFG. It's as if Doritos and Froot Loops had a love child and you're eating breakfast cereal in a chip form. Over all, they're some sort of bizarre lime flavor. I just can't shake the feeling I'm eating Froot Loops and Tucan Sam is going to come tell me to follow his nose. I don't recommend buying them unless you're going to take them to the office and say, "OMG, you have to try these! It's the weirdest flavor of Doritos ever!" while your unwitting office mates are subjected to that horror of something not evil, but certainly not good, but must be tasted at least once, all the same. Something along the lines of Meet the Feebles. I truely want to know what their taste testers were thinking (or stoned on)  when they decided to market this new flavor. The 'Burger King Whopper flavor' was better than these!!

Later that evening KlrWombat too my out to Colyer Lake while Shasta played retrieve. It was a nice evening and I got to try out my new knee brace some. Even as warm as it was, my leg hardly sweated at all. It's really comfortable, all things considered. I'll leave you with photos from Friday evening. Cheers!