Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Wednesday gibberish =)

Not a stupendous day, but I've had worse. Mostly, I've been fighting a headache again. This has been haunting me the better part of a week. My back and shoulders are goofy too, but the weather has been really humid and raining all day. I chalk a lot up to that. I know my hair is crazy wavy/curly from the humidity, at the very least.

It was a busy day, regardless. I went with Alló to her diabetes check up. She fiddled with basal rates a tad, but over all, she's doing really well according to the PA. After that, I went to my physical therapy session. I worked on my neck which is supposed to help my upper back and shoulders. After that, lunch, then back to the MedSci building for Alló's other Dr. appt. and I went downstairs and picked up my new knee brace. This one is a dark metallic plum and it's a lot lighter (and cooler with less neoprene) than the old one. Yay!! I can use the stepper now without being wobbly! Well, at least the ACL issue won't cause wobbly-ness, just jello muscles =)

Tomorrow I see Dr Head-shrink early in the morning. After that, I'm done for the week. It's been a busy one.

Mostly, I'm really tired. Beyond that, doing ok. I'm taking it easy and watching Kenshin (in English =).

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


It's amazing how good you can feel when you get a good haircut! My neighbor has 39 years cutting hair and teaching. She is an artist with hair and I'll tell you what, she did a great job on my hair. It feels great, seems to behave (as well as my hair ever behaves =) and seems pretty easy to take care of. Getting all the frizz off the ends feels sooooooo good. She said that considering how I bleach and dye my hair, it's actually in pretty good condition, which made me feel better too. woo!

Hung out with Alló for a bit today too. It was nice to see her. I'm going with her tomorrow to her appointment for the diabetes doctor. After that I've got aqua therapy. That's going to be rough.

It's really warm and muggy. I couldn't figure out why my right shoulder and elbow were hurting so much. It's the weather. Thunder boomers. I love thunderstorms but my body seems to feel otherwise. Oh well. Crap happens, you know? 

I think I'm taking it in stride as well as I am because I got really good sleep last night. I still have to take meds to sleep, but when I can sleep for more than 2 hours consecutively, it makes a huge difference. I may ask for Ambien when I see Dr. Head-shrink on Thursday. I don't really want another med, but the sleep problem is a pretty big issue. I also have started seeing my therapist again and that seems to have made me feel better too.

I've been off and on anti-depression meds since 14, but never had any sort of psychiatric care/therapy during all that time. I was always prescribed meds through my GP doctor. I still have the depression. At this point, I figure if the meds alone didn't work in all this time, *shrug* it can't hurt to have people poking around in my head, you know? Just think, I won't be a Scientologist any time soon. ;-)

I talked to Ralph yesterday and, like usual, I felt lighter, better when we were done. Thank you! I'm slowly trying to formulate some sort of plan for the future. I need to talk to some people at OVR and perhaps PSU's office for disabilities. I'm still trying to figure out where I fit in. Between hands and other aches and my interests/abilities, what do I want for a second career? I banter around the thought about Video editing (lots of computer work though), photo-journalism, metal working... I don't know. If you have any thoughts, let me know! I can use the input. =)

*sigh* just had to pull 1/2&1/2 off the JVC receiver. She loves sleeping on top of it because it's warm even if it's really bad for the electronics. I'm watching a Farscape marathon at the moment while I bead. I forgot just how funny it could be.

Hope everyone is doing well. *hug*

Sunday, June 01, 2008

been a while

I realize it has been a while since I posted. *sigh* time slips by and I often feel like I have little to show for it. I have been beading and knitting. I actually have a number of new pieces done. I'm still mentally stuck on how to finish off the quilt corners on my niece's quilt, though. It will come to me. It just hasn't formed yet.

Last night I watched Diary of the Dead by George Romero. If you like horror flicks, or like intense social commentary and have a strong stomach, I heartily recommend it. True, it has some 'shallow characters', but I feel that they were created intentionally to be stereotypes in order to account for various American viewpoints. The movie is driven by what it's trying to say, not who's saying it, per se. Granted, a little more back story might have bolstered it more, but as is, it's a good movie. It fits in extremely well with (either the 1968 original or 1990 remake with Pat Tallman) Night of the Living Dead. Night, Day, Dawn, and Diary all converge on the beginning of the outbreak, just looking at it from different places and archetype reaction. Each one, the new one included, have a stinging look at just what people become in extreme situations. Honestly, even the first one still makes me cringe. Being from rural Central Pennsylvania, I, unfortunately, know people and places that would stoop the the base 'fun and games' with the dead depicted at the end of the movie. Like the other movies, 'Diary' leaves the viewer with shocking images that make you stop and wonder what DOES comprise being 'human'? Some humans simply are not. In this day of global wars, insurrections, and civil unrest it pokes into the prickly area of our behavior in times of crisis by looking at the good and the bad. As a typical Romero flick, it ends without really answering any of the questions, leaving you the viewer to come to your own opinion.

Who says horror is all shock and blood? You just have to look a little deeper and see the real horror.