Saturday, May 17, 2008

From over on Thomas Paine's Corner...

I found this little snippet from an entry called Eat the Rich, with a Few Purple carrots on the side. I think I've found personal salience at being a 16th century apple... =) If my apartment is anything, it's a testament to my myriad of ongoing art projects. heh. Such an odd struggle is baser instincts and higher aspirations.

Profit at the expense of human beings. Profit at the expense of everything. This is capitalism. But add to this the erosion of quality of life. In England there are a couple fruit tree nurseries who still carry the old apple varieties, many from the 16th and 17th century. These are gourmet apples, wonderful and flavorful and yet when you go to Tesco or wherever, you will see at best three kinds of apples. At Scott’s Nursery they have several hundred kinds to choose from. Life is diminished when you cannot express the creativity that comes naturally from the earth around us. Life is being reduced to robotic wage slavery, and to increasingly stupifying recreations — whether TV or film, or simply shopping. People learn nothing, they strangle their own creativity, and as a replacement they double down on their aggression and sadism.

As an aside, I am batting around the idea of trying to do short little video uploads of 'things going on'. I dunno. Funny, the only time I talk to my computer is when I'm threatening or coaxing it. I talk to cats, why not the computer? Hell, it's got an electromagnetic field around it. Hurm. So now I'm thinking my laptop has Chi/Ka/Chakra/whatever?? I think too much Naruto in Japanese is frying my brain... =-) I'm going to go back to being a really old apple. (System 7.9 probably... =-)

Miserable in general. Shoulders and arms are waaaaay out of whack. I hurt worse when I wake up than when I went to bed. I don't get good sleep when I finally fall asleep, assuming I can at all. It's rainy and cold so I ache... Ok. what happened to that 70ยบ weather we had a couple weeks back?!

Anyhow, hope things are going well for you all.