Saturday, May 03, 2008

*yawn* need to sleep

I stayed the night at Alló's last Thursday night into Friday. We all conked out pretty early, I think around 8:50pm. A pretty sedate evening, over all. I have yet to go to sleep last night into this morning...

I'm doing a bit better. The Dr has raised the Effexor back up a tad. She felt that I wasn't tolerating coming down (lower doses) quite so fast. I suppose that's the clinical way of looking at it. Day 3 since I went back up and no crying spells. This shit is bad... Of all the psycotropic meds I've been on in my life (and there's a loooooong list of them, trust me) this one is the scariest. Miss a dose and you're a horrible person. Miss 2 doses and finger nails start digging in while you rock back and forth. Miss 3 doses and razor blades become your best friend. Cut your dose in half for 2 weeks
 and you're somewhere between 1 and 3... Bad, bad shit. Ugh. Alló and rykujin have been keeping very close watch on me during all this, so rest easy. I knew it was going to be bad going into this stepping down, but sheesh.


Well, my neighbor who had been supplying me with free wireless has moved. I'm bummed. Not because I lost wireless, but because he was the one Russian (?) who was very nice and actually chatted with me. I hope he and his wife prosper in North Carolina. He's a good guy. 

Losing the wireless was annoying, but I knew it would happen sooner or later. I broke down and got cable modem. I'm now with Comcast, 16mb download. I must have really intimidated the poor sales droid. I kept asking questions, guarenteed rates, upload rates, filters, etc. Normally it should be $69/mo but I'm getting it at $43/mo. =) Sometimes it really pays to confuse people I guess. =) The best part was not only did my install tech arrive at the early end of the 'time window' (1-5pm), but SHE kicked ass. Oh yeah. 2 chicks geeking out making the guys completely lost as we chatted about fiber, plasma welders, subnets, and the like. She seriously rocked.


I've been keeping myself occupied with the quilt I'm making my niece. It's a nice light summer quilt It's a crazy quilt patchwork on top made with spring-y greens and yellows in calicos and solids, a flannel middle and some really nice 400 thread count Ferguson plaid on the bottom. I know. I know. Plaid?! BUT! In my defense, it's the nicest cotton fabric I have. It's soooo soft against the skin and I figure she's not going to be looking at the bottom all that much. I've washed it 2 times while it was all pinned together to check for shrinkage, and I've started to actually quilt it by hand. That's the part I'm most proud of. I've never actually quilted before (piece work =! quilting) so I'm pleasantly surprised how well I'm doing for a noob. I have a large New Grange circle in the center and now I'm putting spirals the rest of the way around the outside. I think my brother will be amused. (She is, after all, a new Grange ;-) Once it's done, I'll put photos up. 

I guess I'll sign off for now. 1/2&1/2 has the right idea....

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

been a little while since I last posted. melancholy again

Alló and I both have been in a bit of a funk as of late. I think her funk is a bit worse than mine, I have to admit. My meds (lower dose of Effexor XR as well as having irregular schedule of taking them) aren't as effective as they were, perhaps. On the plus side, I don't think I've been as sick with headaches and such because of the high dose of Effexor (?) making my BP crazy. It was 140/90 about 2 weeks ago. For me, that's obscenely high (usually 116-120/68-74). The down side is I'm not sleeping as well as I was (with the) Serequel and I've started sliding back into crying spells. My right shoulder and elbow are completely screwed up to the point where it hurts to hold the mail or use a key with my right hand. I have to open bottles with my left hand, bracing it against the counter with my (ample) waist because I can't grip tight enough with my right to hold it still. glah. 

It's been one of Those kind of weeks. I'm just fucking tired of all of it again.