Sunday, April 06, 2008

humor for the day

I find 35th birthdays funny, but I digress from what really matters.

Wired has a great little item about celebrity D&D sheets. I liked Sir Stephen Hawking's a lot. I think out of all human beings, he is probably the one I admire the most. Intelligent, extremely funny and good natured, and able to overcome his health's obstacles. It's the best of what I could ever strive to be.

On a sadder note, if you had not heard, Gary Gygax passed away! I had no idea. The Grandfather of RPG gaming had health problems (heart attack etc.) over the last year or so and finally left us in March. So, roll 1d20 for him and think fondly of the guy who made it cool to have an imagination even as an adult.

Finally, it's National Tartan Day! Wear your kilt 'Regimental' (read: no undies) if you dare!