Tuesday, April 01, 2008

And today's adventure was... X-rays. To be followed by BIG magnets

Well, All√≥ went with me to see Dr. Spine_guy. He was nice. He, of course, does what all osteopathic doctors do. He tortures people who are grateful to pay obscene quantities of money. Seriously though. It was a good visit, I guess. (my visitors from out of town were nicer to visit with, though *waves to Vlad and Ralph* =-) 

The herniated disk is at L5/S1 and is almost impossible to see because of the pelvic bones (it's #2). Knew about that. 

No, what rocked my little world for a few moments was what's going on at #1. I've got spurs or stenosis or something Not Quite Right or Good going on around T11/T12. 

My first thought is, "shit. shit shit shit." and I'm remembering driving my mom back and forth to her surgeon's office before she had her first back surgery. Yes, I said 'first'. She was diagnosed with Degenerative Disk Disease (BUT! to be fair, it's very common for anyone over the age of 30 to have some level of disk degeneration. Multiple doctors have said this, though the herniated disk is perhaps a bit beyond just a slowly deflating balloon.) and so has at least one sister. I have cousins from her other siblings that had to have back surgery too. I don't know their specifics. She was also diagnosed with spinal stenosis. That's not generally common for people under 50 { and I'm well under 50, thanks. =-}. Her Dad, my Pap, had, on a few occasions, had bone spurs that would form,start pushing through and come out the back of his mouth. He would be very sick for a while. Either way, I'm not happy to see this. I had X-rays from 2003 that show no signs of this. It's something that has occurred within the last 5 years. woot. 

So..... I go in for an MRI on Thursday,then see Dr. Spine_Guy on the 14th. Oh. He's also referring me to a specific physical therapist who deals specifically with lower spine problems. After hearing about the PT I've had in the past, he said that it was reasonable to have sent me for it, but that, realistically, what's going on with my back wouldn't have benefitted much if at all from it. His recommendation is that I will start McKenzie Therapy. We'll just have to see where this all goes. 

Ok. I have to shower and sleep. *waves*