Friday, March 28, 2008

It's been a day.

Stuff to write. I'll get to it later.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

up & showered by 10.

Blew the socks off Alló when she called this morning. I answered on the second ring. Happy to hear Alló's voice. There's some mess to be made, I'm sure of it. I just have to figure out what it is today. I must have looked like some sort of weird gnome covered in snits of fabric. The up side is I have a top, flannel lined, plaid quilt taking shape in that huge embroidery hoop. It will be a light summer quilt a 1year old might drag around (If I'm lucky enough;-) I might stop hand quilting, though. I MIGHT cheat and machine quilt the top instead. *sigh* Yeah. I think I am.... Oh well, the next one for my niece will rather grandiose. What pieced parts there are are wild. It's been a lot of fun. Some of the fabrics have memories with them, some, just looked funky. I just hope she likes it when she's a little bit older =)
This morning's phone hassle has been trying to find out where I can get the cast made for a new EBI left knee stabilizer thingy. The 'easiest' would be to set up an appointment with with one of the UOC people. I could be lucky and the ACL would just spontaneously re-form? =) I suppose having them check over my spine might be a good idea. Shit. Yeah, it really would be good. Especially because tramadol doesn't work for me. So far as I can tell, not at all. I'm not getting it anymore. There's no point. My back still yells at me.

I just keep puttering along.. Tonight's task is to make phone contact! The weekend fast approaches and I might yet catch a few hours in the company of friends... I'll call around 6,6:30 unless you need later, Case...
So, no Pittsburgh trip for rykujin at the moment. He's putting off the periodontist a little longer. *shrug* looks like I'll be getting to see Dr Roeshot's blue eyes in the near future. Guess it's not a bad idea. Let him know about the spine issues. Tendons and ligaments complaining, I guess it's just that time to see the orthopedic dude.

It's that weird effect my cell phone cam has. It's as if the shutter if left open just a fraction of a second too long and everything distorts. Perhaps it's the plastic casing covering it? Might it be concave/convex on the inside? Who knows, I tinkered with the (de)saturation and contrast.

Sarah has got me thinking about photography again. =)
Thanks, Woman!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

500 points to-

Had to happen eventually.

Who ever is ironically disjointed enough to hide behind 'Anonymous' while attacking my beliefs and not providing any content other than sensational accusations because I won't sit down and behave normally, "You're weasel just enough to post anonymously, then 'threaten' to leave me, my blog un-read?".

*SOB* Oh God. Please save myself from being an idiot! No one in the world likes me, let alone loves me! That poster said so, in not so many words.

It WAS flame bait the likes of which I haven't seen for many a moon.
No one forces you to read my blog. No one forces you to agree with anything in my blog.
Leave my blog. *wave as Vir does to Mr. Morden's head on Centauri*

Wait a moment...

Everybody stop the party.

Did I smell bunny droppings a couple of comments ago?

Now I *AM* imaging things. 

Who was it??

Who's been hanging out with the existential mathematician??


A 'forest for the trees' type "Ah-HA!" moment... Maybe for all of us. =)

Sometimes it is frustrating seeing what I think of as 'train wrecks' (like DHS, Patriot Act [I,II], RIAA (with a nod to Tipper and the damn PMRC I railed against all those years ago, even before I knew some of you. I guess that makes some of us criminals for all these years because of those '80's mix tapes we made. *snort* Sadly, if you HAVE listened to me bitching about the PMRC this gives me at one "Told you so!" =-}) happen when you saw the train coming down the tracks, tootling the horn vigorously to no avail. You watch some poor sheeple get creamed. [nod to justelise for the link. thanks!!] Anyhow, GO MONTANA!! I hope they're able to stick to their guns (and hopefully NOT in a bad pun way.) and keep telling DHS to go stuff it! It's a slippery slope to requiring photo ID at State border checkpoints and not just National borders with this RealID crap... 

Somehow I have a deep mistrust of humanity but I remain optimistic that there are good people. My own personal dichotomy I suppose, but there you have it. What was it the other day? Ah. I'm either a Pessimistic Agnostic or a Hopeful Atheist. 

Bah. (but not baa!)

Anyhow, the poking about getting my butt in gear IS dead on. With a little help from my friends (been listening to the Beatles (with some Duran Duran, Icon of Coil and Stone Sour [when I'm feeling moody] thrown in), I'm hoping to pull myself out of lets not say 'tail spin' so much as doldrums. Which is really nothing like a tailspin, but can require tugboats. Tugboats where they play the Beatles, and not Mudvayne's Not Falling. Don't ask. I'm feeling punchy at this hour. 

Where was I? Oh. yeah.
Alló was over today. I worked on the piece-work for the light teal quilt. I'm at a loss as to which quilt # this is. I think 4? I don't know, but I've been brain-storming and sewing at the same time. I stop to write stuff down or make a sketch occasionally. I'd like a dress mannequin so of course, the first thought is 'Ah, Need some duct tape.' Then the idea to turn it into an instructional kit (with t-shirt and tape) for sale hits. quick search of google doesn't appear to show anyone already doing it... *shrug* Alló's working on a really cool counted cross stitch piece for all the nerds she loves, I guess (Another kit idea! =) We talked about a crazy yard sale plan (Wonder if I could redd up my front living room/alcove and have it filled with hand crafted things on a weekly basis? eeeeeeee. I don't know if it's possible for me to de-clutter!? I'm pretty sure I'm genetically predisposed to clutter...) A good deal of the time it's me hoping I'm not freaking Alló out with information saturation. 

so my major 'goals' of the next 4 weeks is to:
  • redd out and up the two extra rooms- 
    • one for close work, like beading, sewing etc, 
    • one for storage/weaving
    • swap the desk out front to where my bass & loom are now
  • Web pages 
    • get some sort of basic thing up for testing
    • photographing more stuff (documenting) and clean up photos for web
    • do write-ups for different parts for the site
    • prices for eventual services (credit card, MB/month guesstimate etc)
  • get myself on some sort of schedule and stick to it
  • figure out dates for shows, applications due, money saved up by and whatever else
  • start to try figuring out prices
  • list of places I can try marketing to (boutiques, galleries, web sites, etc)
  • AND TAXES *whistles innocently* 

Geodon is... I don't know. I think working. Maybe not? Maybe not as well? One thing, I get up and I'm either awake or need more sleep. groggy doesn't happen until I've run myself down to collapse, then conk out. That was 7 or 8pm last night. Now I'm awake. *sigh* twitches are nominal, though minor 'shadow cat' increase. Peripheral vision/ astigmatism maybe? I know eyesight is affected by certain psychiatric medicine (either slowed motor control of eye muscles or signal interference) so that could explain it, like seeing the aura gibberish that comes with migraines, but no migraine. *shrug* I guess that's why it's called a Medical Practice. 

Time always seems to sneak through my finger before I realize it. One of the downsides of having energy again (still have pain, but I am at least feeling better about dealing with it and other stuff too, unlike on Serequel.) Taxes, dealing with how to deal with the old corporation that Demented and I formed, AMS, bankruptcy, all those decidedly adult things that few like to deal with.

blech. that's it. time to go bead. no more un-fun stuff. I leave you with today's list of web sites (in no specific order):

Sunday, March 23, 2008

"Later- that same day..." update

I don't remember exactly the sequence of web pages that brought me to these 2 gems, The
UNIX-HATERS   Handbook and the "OH. THAT explains a lot" page, but I think a lot of the readers I know about would dig it. (pun? dunno ;-) It could very well be a case of I simply am behind the curve, having never heard about the UNIX-HATERS nor their Handbook. If that's the case, pat me on the head and spin me around. I don't get out much ;-)
Today has been productive. The #4 quilt is piecing together nicely, updated here, taken my meds like I'm supposed to (though my feet are needing some attention. again. still. always, dammit! 

Oh, BTW, better versions of the pop tab maille photos are here over at Picasa. At some point, I'm going to try moving all my visuals to there. I allow myself to be lulled into complacency with Google.  *sigh*

<<-- Soapbox- feel free to ignore, comment, or whatever else -->>

Fight the good fight, remember the fallen, and don't believe your "Government" unless you're paranoid you're being watched- becase you are. Ugly no matter how you look at it. Free Speech is at least still Speech, the steady errosion of large chunks of our Constitution makes it harder and harder to watch our nation slough off putrid hunks of decaying flesh that is wrest from the backs of people like you and me. Yet universal health care is still just a foreign concept, The irony of my house having been foreclosed a couple years before the rapid collapse of the real estate market doesn't escape me. Canary in a coal mine. Fitting for Center county, Pennsylvania. 

So Friday, I get a call from a pollster calling to gauge how I'm going to vote, and more importantly, to make sure I cast my vote for Obama. I kindly tell her that I switched my party affiliation from Democrat to Independent years ago. How did I end up on the calling list? Especially when you consider that 'Independent' voters have no party, so they don't get to vote at all during the May Primaries here in PA. 

it gets funnier.

Feeling the pull of Chaos, I changed my party affiliation to 'Republican' late last year. *hangs head, ashamed" Smaller, less nosey government does sound a lot better than BILLIONS for killing and only THOUSANDS for schooling. States should have rule first and foremost to govern themselves.

 I WANT OUT of Iraq. Haven't we caused enough misery there and here??? We need everybody to come home, lick wounds after having our ass summarily sized up and booted. It's another Viet Nam just with different villains (who incidentally were predominantly Saudi, not Iraqi...), different 'Objectives' (then again, back in Afghanistan and the poppy fields and heroin, morphines both times, just throw oil/gas/fuel on top of the drugs and presto! you have a broken nation, bleeding from so many deep lacerations, The Dollar is crashing, paying *gasp* closer to what the rest of the world pays gas/petrol £5 (round about  current exchange rate otherwise, about $7.75) /1 litre (about a 1/2 gallon).

 It does suck. All of it. 

So far as I can tell Dr. Paul is the only one who wants to bring our people home. Quickly.

Back to the pollster, so she found out I'm now a Republican. In a dejected voice she says, "You're voting McCain, then."

"I don't think so. Not even close. Ron Paul."

She chuckled and said something about 'another one' I think. It was a little muffled.
Apologized for cutting into my Very Busy Day. Today, McCain might not even be the republican candidate. 

No matter. The disaster is on it's way and then we'll get King George the Idiot. 

Um. Yeah. Something like that.

<<-- Off soapbox, back to reality -->>

so I was thinking.......

Oh no. Not another project.


One more thing to add to the list of 'things I want to finish in my life' and a bit more on this in a moment.

But first...

Things are looking up.

Complicated maybe (one of these days I *will* get to my taxes... Really) but I've started hanging out with quite possibly my longest ever friend. For the moment I'll call him 'Hippie' (whereas I have begun to realize I'm some sort of weird Punk Hippie. Think about it. Oddly makes sense, but I digress...) Anyhow, I've known Hippie since, hurm, lemme think, 1986? I knew him even before Demented. I'd see Hippie at work or out around town for years, always have the best intentions to call
 him later (Demented and I saw him regularly at work for years, it seemed like.) 

It's a phone call story. You know where this is going with me...

The night Case et al. came into town and we went out to Herwig's Austrian Bistro, Hippie was the guy I said 'bye' to last... Anyhow, I put his number in my phone that night, and then promptly never called. 

Anyone shocked? Nobody? *Mock surprise*

well, Hippie eventually called me. A couple of times. Again, to everyone's lack of utter surprise, I didn't answer. Well, I finally answered. *Goofy Grin* It's amazing how many times I go through the same lesson. Answering the phone is not only NOT likely to produce disasters, but can be a Good Thing. 

I'll do it again anyhow. Just watch. *rolls eyes*

So, back to the last couple of weeks. I spent two 5+ hour days sitting at the Stammtisch (No direct translation from the German to English, but stamm is essentially core, root (and for those über-Geeks, how about Wheel? uid0? =-) and Tisch is a table. The Grown-up's table? Either way, It was pretty cool to get permission to sit there.) *shrug* Herwig's son, Bernd(i)also knew me from about '87. I have goofy photos of both Bernd(i) and Hippie. It's been really nice to just sit there. I'm out in public, but somewhere 'safe' so no major panic. Woot. Oh, right. I sit, drink coffee, eat amazingly tasty food, and bead or draw. Still a little bright out there, but I'm getting *out*. 

And Hippie (as well as room-mates Kaiya, Elora and BH) is great. I had forgotten what it was like to smile and laugh a whole day at something other than sarcasm. A little frightening and a whole lot cool.

Starting tomorrow, I'm going to try to start dedicated work hours to trying to do something a bit more productive. Alló and I are setting off on a crazy adventure. Not sure if she knows what she's getting into with me. Do I even know what the hell I'm doing? Not exactly, but as a newly self-appointed Punk Hippie Artist (need to end the title on a 'B' word. Then I can have an army of PHAB friends. yuk yuk yuk.), I start to see just how much fun I can have at the expense of my math skills. Cleaning and redding up the work room, try teaching Alló and/or Rykujin how to make web pages, CSS, and digital imaging and skills of that ilk. Then we figure out the next phase (web sales?) etc... It's a larger goal I can break down into smaller chunks as long as I just look one step ahead and don't nuke the whole idea/process....

SO, back to the story and the OTHER idea. Vlad and Griffin, this one is for you two. On my way to the parking deck the other night, I walked past some community outreach program where they have classes, and one included belts made out of pop can tabs. I didn't get a real close look at it, but when I started futzing around last night, these two photos are what I came up with.... So the thought goes, Using hemp in the photos, but could be braided wire or use jump rings, and then the further thought
 goes, I bet I could concoct some way to turn it into fabric that could be used as a maille shirt. If anyone knew anyone who can anodize aluminum, could even map out the shields into the pop tab fabric. Not authentic, but would look cool. Would aluminum tabs even be strong enough for practice fighting? I dont know, but if it would work, the possibilities are only limited by the number of tabs you could get. I would be lighter physically than a whole maille shirt, too...