Friday, February 29, 2008

It's been quite a while. I need to do this more often, I know. Well, lets see. I was sick for a week earlier this month, I've officially been discharged from Counsel House. I'm getting a new therapist since A_ is going to a private practice, as am I getting a new psychiatrist. I've been sewing, knitting, a little beading, some reading and a whole lot of sleep.

LOTS of sleep. *shrug*

It's snowing out at the moment. Pretty. Alló has been keeping me sane as much as she can. The last couple of days I've not talked to her because of sleeping the entire day. '18+ hours of sleep a day' sort of thing. I need to stop that. I always feel better after talking to her and especially after hanging out. She gives me all kinds of ideas for things to do or try whether she means to or not. =) And I love her sense of humor.

At the moment, my life feels like I'm kinda drifting in the universe. Like being in a deep pool of water wearing yards and yards of gauze or muslin. You try to turn, looking for somewhere to go, but all you do is get more and more tired from the effort of treading water with all that fabric and it creates so much resistance as you try to turn, your efforts become more and more sluggish, retarded by all that resistance.

The apartment is in utter shambles. piles of random cruft scattered willy-nilly; projects somewhere in the process of being finished or things that just don't have a specific place to call home. *hurm* not unlike how I feel at times.

there's nothing overtly BAD in my life at the moment, but the sense of happiness and joy just doesn't surface either. It's some sort of weird French conundrum: ennui, blase, laissez-faire and whatever other phrase you can use to describe doldrums. I've somehow moved into the Sargasso Sea. (but not the one by Jean Rhys, thankfully.)

Well, I think I will sign off for now, but one last thing:

I know at least one person wrote me a couple months ago about the skin condition PPK  (palmar-plantar keratoderma or hyperkeratosis as it manifests on my body) I have to apologize. I've lost the email. If you happen to come back here and read this, please mail me again. I noticed Wiki has some interesting things about all this too. I found the article on Psoriatic arthritis interesting. I wonder how much of a tie in it is with fibromyalgia...