Thursday, November 01, 2007

nuthin x-site-ing

I was up way too late last night doing nothing worthwhile. I ended up waking up around 5pm today. *sigh* Another day where I could have been working on putting my studio together and I slept through it. Back to Counsel House tomorrow, probably a slow, agonizing day. At least the cats have been behaving better the last couple of days. There's still some occasional posturing, but there's not been any big hissy-fits. Oddly enough I ended up dreaming about Chaucer [an old photo of him sleeping with his lover, The Raccoon] last night (once I did go to bed) Something about fighting off demons and having an intelligent familiar. It was really bizarre. I think George Carlin was some sort of mentor for me and whoever was my brother. Somehow we could fight off entities by channeling energy into wood through living things. I have vague impressions of something dark and gothic meeting H.R. Geiger. Somehow we get extra powers once the 'George Carlin' guy vaporizes. There was some sort of huge ice sword. Yeah, I know. waaaaay out there. =)

Well, there were no trick-or-treaters so I guess eating all the packets of Whoppers before Halloween wasn't a problem after all. Of course, now I have Twix, KitKats, Almond Joys and Dove Dark Chocolate to get rid of. *whistles innocently*

Speaking of 'weight gain', my Lyrica was increased to 75mg bid. I'm hoping to avoid weight gain (a common side effect, same as Serequil. *sigh*)

The news in general, I see, is rather discouraging. The cost of oil nearing $100/barrel, the feds lowering the interest rate (interestingly, this is a hard story to find in an American outlet on google. It's all over Canadian and British news agencies. Also of note is the dichotomy of whether this will or won't be a harbinger of another cut in December.) and pushing $41 billion into the economy (oh yeah, lets FURTHER erode the value of the US Dollar! What a spiffy plan!) Housing foreclosures and defaults on loans are exceedingly high (I guess once again I was a trend setter! *waves bye-bye to Leawood house*) "But doncha know dat we'ves got a strong ee-kononmee?" Yeah sure. That awesome surge in Job Growth is the predecessor to what? Oh, yeah, lots more job cuts around the nation in a variety of businesses. Can we say "Recession?" Can we worry about "Depression"? I knew we could.

What else could go wrong? Fires in California, a South-eastern drought the likes of which I've never seen (not that I'm all that old) MRSA outbreaks here in Centre County... I found out today that there's a trojan for Macs now, dammit!!! No more surfing for prOn for me. (just kidding. I still have gigs of it that Demented downloaded.... lol) Of course, anyone who clicks willy-nilly on things that demand system level access while surfing for prOn kinda ask for it, you know? It's like complaining that your SPARCstation keeps crashing only to have the SysAdmin find your Netscape caching megs and megs of
those prOn images into the swap space so the system has no virtual memory to access. You kinda ASK to be slapped with a clue-by-4.

I guess I should go to bed soon. Almost mindnight and the alarm is set for 07:10.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A retrospective day.

Tomorrow would have been our 10 year (legally recognized marriage) anniversary. Something like 20 years having known him. A little melancholy. Sorta lonely. Guess it's good I see Alissa tomorrow.

It doesn't help that I learned yesterday that B_ has brain cancer. I never mentioned her in my blog before. She's another 'consumer'. She is usually quiet, and has been mistook as asleep while in group. B_ almost always surprises us because she's NOT asleep and has been listening the whole time. Often she comes back with a sharp witted retort. Her entire face lights up when she smiles and laughs. Many times, she makes us laugh with a well placed gibe. She has chin length salt and pepper hair that has soft curls every which way. I think as long as I've known her, I've only once seen her without a bandanna holding her curls back. While she wears normal blue/red/white/black bandannas, sometimes she has some awesome funky ones too. B_ is a wonnderful person. I'm so sad to know she has to be in hospice care now. It was just a month or so ago that she was talking about being able to drive again. I had no idea.... none at all....

It brings back so much. I think about Marty. Watching him waste away was so painful. I didn't even know how bad it was until I noticed he started drinking Ensure and still had to wear suspenders to keep his pants up. Even then it came as a shock. He was the practical joker. I was put in his office when I started at CSE. He was moved elsewhere, but hid/moved his office for a while into a room in the basement he titled 'Sanctuary'. My first day there I found his welcome present. It was a mock-pipebomb. Yeah, I know that sounds weird, but if you knew Marty, it was funny. For so many reasons, Marty's passing in 2003 crushed me. In many ways, it was like losing my father all over again.

I then think of Erek S_ who I was friends with in high school. I still have the photo from his senior prom (well, Demented's, Erek's and a couple other of Demented's friends, class of 1991 =) where he's still in the tux holding a mini-golf club and he has a huge goofy grin. We all went and played a couple rounds after we got tired of the prom. Erek once complimented me on my calves (not a hit on. a genuine compliment. Erek was essentially a body-builder who really treated his body like a temple, short of an occasional soda and box of popcorn. Peeing into the soda cup at the State theater is a whole different story =) His compliment has stayed with my to today, it was so far removed from what people normally said about me (always been the 'weird' one). It is a happy memory. He was a Spanish translator in the military. I know he left the country for a while on a mission, but for the life of me, I can't remember what exactly. I thought Panama, but that would be way too early (89-90. Erek was still in high school). All I know is that at some point, he came down with what everyone thought was pneumonia around Thanksgiving (96? 98? I know we were living on Mountain View...). He was dead by January from an aggressive inoperable cancer around/in his heart. Demented, a pall-bearer, was affected by Erek's passing for quite some time. So was I. He was the first of our friends to die. He was 23 or 24. For years, I kept the snappy military photo he gave to me when he graduated.

It didn't help that Demented's Aunt Caroline passed away around the same time. She was a wonderful free spirit. Aunt Caroline was actually Demented's paternal grandmother's sister. I like her so much. She liked my jewelry and had bought some anklets from me. According to her, anklets were extremely provocative to her generation. "Nice girls don't wear them.' She did though, and I have to say, she's one of the classiest women I've met. She passed away from cancer too.
For some reason, I've been having a lot of problems when I stand up today. I'm having that 'low blood pressure' thing where I get really "fuzzy", can't see correctly, and have to lean against something so I don't fall down. The problem with driving through sunlit trees is back in full force too. The plus side is I'm just a passanger, not actually driving, so I can cover my eyes with my hoodie sleeve to stop the reaction.

Well, on a lighter note (sorta) Halfnhalf pee'd on Havoc yesterday. At least there was no poo flinging going on. *sigh*

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Baby Bigfoot in Elk County?

Well, you may have already seen this. Maybe not. I have to admit, it took me a while to actually locate the photos in question. Rick Jacobs, a deer hunter, had put cameras with automatic sensors out in the Allegheny National Forest in the hopes of capturing deer on camera. What he got was quite different. On Sunday evening, September 16th, he had captured at least 2 images of something unusual. Of course there is a wide range of ideas about what it could be, including an exceptionally skinny bear with mange, but some are suggesting it might be a juvenile Sasquatch.
The Bradford Era was the first to write about it, as far as I know. Their piece is not dated, but looking at the URL, it may have been today, actually. These photos originated on but the site is slow. My guess is it's getting hit hard with people looking for the photos. To that end, I have put the photos here to save their server. If anyone is upset, please contact me and I will remove them immediately.

Coke Machine Skirt to ward off attackers

"Tsukioka says the idea was inspired by a trick used by Japanese ninja assassins, who cloaked themselves in black blankets so they couldn't be seen at night"

I'm not sure how ninjas could use the Coke Machine skirt exactly. I mean, how would you see where you're going? Wouldn't it be hard to run, too?