Saturday, October 27, 2007

The problem with leaving the country... :-)

Once one of "the sexiest men in 2002" and a "big, flirty pussycat with a tough exterior," Mr. Rumsfeld may have fled France for fear of arrest. I find it curious that, for the most part, U.S. media is avoiding this issue. I did note that Bush got pounced on by the press 10/17. At the end of the press conference, he is asked, "... do you feel as if you're losing leverage, and that you're becoming increasingly irrelevant?" Bush responded, "I'm looking forward to getting some things done for the American people. And if it doesn't get done, I'm looking forward to reminding people as to why it's not getting done."

uh-huh. suuuuuure you do. (look! he began a sentence with "and"!! grrrrr) It will be some poor dupe who gets sacrificed while his buddies (see previous post Welcome to 1984) go and live off everyone else's blood, sweat and tears. They may not ever be able to leave the country (which is really too bad. I WISH we could get rid of these putz's) for fear of being captured as Enemy Combatants, but I'm sure they will make do. Unless Bush really does decide to become Emperor. A little earlier in the October 17 Press conference he's asked "Q Mr. President, following up on Vladimir Putin for a moment. He said recently that next year when he has to step down, according to the constitution, as President, he may become Prime Minister, in effect keeping power and dashing any hopes for a genuine democratic transition there. Senator McCain --" and Bush replies, "I've been planning that myself. (Laughter.)"

Honestly, I think he took rather good questions and bullshitted his way through all of them even back in July. When asked, "Why shouldn't people conclude that you are either stubborn, in denial, but certainly not realistic about the strategy that you've pursued since then?" After dancing around the question, he eventually comes out with, " So I've been realistic about the consequences of failure. I have been realistic about what needs to happen on the ground in order for there to be success. And it's been hard work, and the American people see this hard work. And one of the reasons it is hard work is because on our TV screens are these violent killings, perpetuated by people who have done us harm in the past. "

Come on, just answer the damn questions. quit hedging on them or pulling a whiplash change of subject. Sheesh. And would someone please remind him that Iraq had NOTHING TO DO with 9/11. Whenever something happens and any of the Politicos start losing ground in a press conference, they always trot out the "9/11 event" See this hand? Look at it. Don't look at what I'm really saying or avoiding a discussion about.

Hell, people may even elect them again, or they may get appointed (al-la John Poindexter and Ollie "I don't recall" North.).

I really hope not. *sigh*

I'm bloody, rather upset (both sad and very angry) and not sure what to do.

For some reason, something wigged Halfnhalf out and a couple hours ago I just had a repeat of the bulldozing ball of cat. Except this time it was far worse. Halfnhalf was so freaked out that she defecated everywhere as she was bouncing off walls, windows, furniture, you name it. God the smell was nasty. I get them separated and then it just happens again except this time I got a hold of Halfnhalf, trying to hold on to her so that I could put her in a bathroom to 'cool down'. She ended up slashing my left arm and my right hand pretty well with her claws. As I struggle to hold a screaming and hissing Halfnhalf away from my body by her armpits while getting cut to ribbons, Havoc is on the ground growling and then starts to climb my leg to get to her daughter, eventually sinking a fang in my right knee.

*sigh* This is not good. Not good at all. They're both now in separate bathrooms, each with food, water and a clean litter box. Havoc has started crying. Halfnhalf is usually very quiet (she even make these really cute silent meows at times) so I don't know what she's doing.

-A rather bummed out Dory

Friday, October 26, 2007

Bush's comments on the Zombie Threat

My deep, heartfelt thanks go to KlrWombat for bringing this to my attention. I think we can all learn something vitally important from this:

And with that in mind I believe that the DHS will be shortly recommending that we all have a Zombie Defense Station in our homes, next to the duct tape and plastic sheeting. DHS and vendors have actively pursued an attempt to "bring Zombie Fighters to life." There was originally a large outcry from the conservative Right, who already shun stem cell research, about "playing God". Many of the lead voices in the protest quickly changed their tune when Bill O'Really was seen having his brain eaten on national television. They *are* however, still concerned about Fox news broadcasting 'obscenity' on the air by showing the event. The FCC is considering bringing suit against Fox, but since most of Fox is already the Undead, they are not sure how to proceed. At this point, the Conservative Right has deemed 'destroying the Evil Undead' a just cause. It is unknown how they will deal with conflict between their main mouth-piece, Fox News, already being controlled by the Undead and their desire to wage Holy War on the Undead.

Stay tuned, more news on the way...

(yeah, ok, so while the article really does say 'bring zombie fighters to life' I know it's about computers. Come on, it's funny. You know it is. If not that how about funny haha and funny strange with a 30' wave of foam? =)


I just looked at Syncponder again. I reread it. It still hurts and I want to cry. I hope Demented is doing well where ever he is... I wish I knew.

feeling so upset. I don't even know why I go back to the page every so often. Hoping somewhere deep inside that just maybe he will post something on it again. Something letting us know that he's doing well somewhere. Maybe to tell us that he's happy again. That he knows people care about him.

Now I am crying.
A tale with no happy end,
just old memories.

Bad grammar, tokophobia, cats, mom and dismal weather. But I'm doing pretty well...

I have to admit that I HATE when I see "sentences" that begin with "But" or "And". Of course, I do it too, but I always cringe internally. They're not even really sentences. They're fragments. I don't think people should have to diagram every sentence that they write, but PLEASE, couldn't you write in complete sentences?? At least write in full sentences a little more often. An excellent example of this is a psycho-education ( No, they don't teach you how TO BE a psycho. It's being educated ABOUT psychiatric issues. Yes, it's still a funny name.) workbook I've started doing for a 2nd time (@ Counsel House) put out by Eli Lilly on Schizophrenia. Almost 1 out of every 3 sentences is a fragment. And it's annoying. Because it screws up. How you read. And how you process this information. ARGH!

A lot of times I throw random junk in ( ) to accomplish the same thing. I _know_ I'm excessively verbose. I know I have a bad tendency to write run-on sentences. I know that leads to people needing to read things a couple times to see how everything relates to everything else talked about in a single sentence. I do try to proof read and fix them if I find them to be exceptionally egregious. It doesn't always work, but often because 2D text makes it hard to discern inflection. Smileys, nesting information {[()]} and using reg-ex like expressions (such as =! [w/sh]ould etc...) help depending on the audience. I have a certain (often sarcastic) tone that fills my head as my fingers find the keys. Sometimes I believe I get the tone in the text by how I phrase it, but for all I know, I may miss it 97% of the time too.

But this crap where 'educational material' is written like some note a 12 year old would write in study hall is retarded. And I mean that in it's literal sense. Something that hampers understanding. Because it makes you stop. And pause. Every time you see punctuation.


I know. I'm not happy unless I'm bitching about something. Feisty Dory is better than depressed Dory, though. =-)

I don't know if any of you watch Keith Olbermann. I watch his clips every so often on youtube. This one, from the 24th, was great. He really slams Fox and their "reporting".

It gives me goosebumps. Who do I vote for?! Ron Paul, Stephen Cobert, or do I write in Keith Olbermann? Naw. I want to keep Olbermann as a pundit/reporter. The other two? That's a little harder. ;-)

Well, I hung out with my upstairs neighbor for a bit last night. There's a stray cat that lives somewhere around the complex. She looks like she may be a year old, maybe 8 months. She's a beautiful traditional tabby with strong markings. She is very friendly and will purr up a storm and knead (without using her claws). She even allows you to pick her up. I would take her in to my home in a heartbeat if I wasn't already at the 2 cat limit. Well, that and it would work out with Havoc....

When I came back downstairs, she just zipped right in past me. It was funny for about 5 seconds. Then Havoc spotted her. Oh boy. "Bad" doesn't even begin to describe the incident.
There was an all out war in my house. A bulldozing ball of screaming, spitting, hissing, fur roiled its way from one end of the house to the other and back again. Oh dear gods! The sound was horrific. I thought that surely Havoc was going to kill her. Somehow I managed to get my hands on Havoc and actually restrain her (having tried once before and she just pulled her way out of my hands and went back to the fray). Havoc, safely imprisoned in the bathroom was still pissed off all to hell and the stray zipped out the front door as quickly as she had zipped in. I let Havoc back out.

Pshew! That was over.


Momma was so fucking pissed that as Halfnhalf slunk around the corner to finally see what was going on (she had been hiding in my bedroom, apparently) Momma started attacking her daughter. I mean that she really wailed on poor Halfnhalf like no tomorrow. I once again had the bulldozing ball of fur wrecking my house. I think at one point Halfnhalf had thought to jump through the screen in the window by the cat tree. The problem was I had closed the window earlier. She managed to bean herself pretty good just as Havoc caught up to her again. I managed to get a hold on Havoc and stuck her back in the bathroom. Halfnhalf was completely traumatized, shaking like an aspen leaf. After about a 1/2 hour, I thought I would let Havoc out, thinking she had calmed down.


Rinse and Repeat.


Back into the bathroom this time with a dish of food, a clean litter box and the light out. No getting out again for a while. Momma stayed the night in the bathroom, crying and digging at the door and carpet. I held Halfnhalf in my arms for about an hour, cuddling her and talking to her. I started to get really tired and laid back with her on my chest. She eventually slid down my side and snuck under the covers. She slept under the blankets curled up in a little ball all night.

When I got up this morning, I left her under the blanket and checked on Havoc. She was exceptionally contrite at this point. I scolded her, telling her she had a lot of apologizing to her daughter to do. She followed me back to the bedroom and Halfnhalf stuck her nose out, sniffing then crawled back farther under the blankets. Momma has been very sweet to Halfnhalf all day, though Daughter is still a little afraid of Mom. She's curled up on my lap as I type.

I guess, if nothing else, Halfnhalf & I had a bonding experience. No one seems to be worse for the wear physically, but I think there's some trust issues that will have to work themselves out.

For your amusement, a very hungry kitten. Not anyone I know, but cute all the same. Well, cute in that 'nature red in tooth and claw' sort of way...

Checking mail this morning, I found a note from my mom!! It made me happy to see it. I wrote her back. Probably I wrote too much, but *shrug* I had a bit of catching up to do. I'm hoping this is the beginning of more good things. It certainly made a dreary, chilly, damp day a bit brighter. It's like looking up at the rain clouds and knowing that the sun is shining brightly just on the other side of them. (That always was the best part of flying somewhere =)

I didn't even know that the condition of 'tokophobic' existed. It's even more of a surprise that a study has been done on it. It makes sense, but I was surprised at how high of a percentage of women are suspected of having it. I know that I generally try to avoid the subject of children with most people. More than once, women find out I have none and had the tubal and suddenly, it's as if I've grown a disgustingly disfigured third head. Sure, watching the video of the woman having an episiotomy mid-labor is exceptionally graphic, but I understand why it's done. I have to be honest. I don't ever want it done to me, but *sigh* Questions about my genetics and what I could potentially pass on to a child, my mental and physical stability, all of that doesn't mean anything to some people. Many times I get the "Oh, Don't worry. You'll make a wonderful mother some day!" comment. Uh-huh. Live with me for a while before you say that. Friends, I might believe a bit more, but random acquaintances, you haven't seen me when I'm extremely sad or angry. You have noooooooo clue. I had one person tell me that I'll "grow out of it" and a number of other people harp on how I'm missing the point of being a human female.

Um. I'd like to think that there's a point about being a human in general, out and beyond my reproductive capability and gender.

Do I wonder sometimes? Maybe a little. For now, I think I'll stick to cats though. =)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Welcome to 1984

dear Gods. The U.S. really is turning into a fascist police state. The House just passed the "H.R. 1955: Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007". This disturbing little gem of insane law basically makes it criminal to speak out against the federal government or it's doctrine. WTF?!?! While section SEC. 899F theoretically protect our civil liberties, having watched the current administration's treatment of the U.S. Constitution over the past 9 years leaves me with little doubt that SEC. 899B. FINDINGS, item 3 (discussing the internet's violent radicalization, ideologically based violence, and the homegrown terrorism process in the United States) would apply (in a twisted manner) to postings of my opinion. My view that the current administration is rouge, needs to be removed almost completely without exception and Monkeyboy-that-
looks-for-WMD-under-sofa-cushions Bush (who seems hell-bent on starting WWIII now...) and Shoot-em-in-the-face Cheney should be impeached (at the very least) would make me guilty of thought-crime. Personally, I would hand those two, Ashcroft, Rumsfeld, Gonzales, Condi, Rove, Wolfowitz, Armitage, Zakheim, Perle, Abrams, Powell and a few select others others each a Desert Eagle with one clip and air drop them into Basra, Fallujah, or maybe Baghdad. *waves* Bye-bye. Hope your gun jams. Or someone mistakes you as a reporter or journalist. (Yes, I know there's a descrepancy between the two sites. I think it's sad that there's even sites that need to report on this. No, I'm not really advocating these people get shot. I would certainly like to see them sweat, dance pilgrim, and have to confront the horrible, terrible, life altering images [these 3 sites are not for work or the queasy] that are the result of their actions and dogma...)

Personally, I think Rosa Brooks' comment "Forget impeachment. Liberals, put it behind you. George W. Bush and Dick Cheney shouldn't be treated like criminals who deserve punishment. They should be treated like psychotics who need treatment." is still too glib. It's an affront to my personal mental health diagnosis. If I did the things that this administration gets away with, I would be strapped to gurney with the lethal injection threaded into my veins. Crazy? No. A sociopath? Yeah, that's a little closer.

I assume that highly recommending Eminem's Mosh (this was the song and video that got me into Eminem) and Corey Taylor's Omega rant or (as Stone Sour) Sillyworld is seditious. Good. Telling people that they need to understand the message behind PNAC's slick font and their "catastrophic and catalyzing event––like a new Pearl Harbor" is vitally important. Dismissing academics like Dr. Jones, Dr. Morrone and many others including a variety of engineers as crack pots without careful review of their findings is tantamount to hysterical book burnings of the Nazi machine. Just nod your head and believe everything the talking heads say on [insert major American news outlet]. What a load of crap. It seems like 1/2 the time they're giving some fervent opinion dressed up as news. PAH! All this rhetoric I type is tantamount to treason, if The Powers That Be have their way. It's like having Bill O'Reiley tell the entire nation to "Shut up!" But I forgot. He has only done that once in 6 years. Tell me another load of bovine excrement.

This piece of legislative goose stepping is simply horrifying! Rep. Jane Harman (D-CA) said we need to understand the "line separating radical views from violent behavior, create an environment that discourages disillusionment and alienation". I would argue that we need to stop stripping Americans of their civil liberties. Perhaps we could maybe (just MAYBE) try to follow the Geneva Convention. I don't know. Maybe I'm *RADICAL* because, generally, hurting people and killing them seems, oh, I don't know.... WRONG?! Perhaps that might improve morale? Our fellow citizens are dying or wounded in a far away place, there's a hampered ability to respond to natural disasters because of budget cuts and lack of personnel, health care is a sad joke for many of our citizens including our veterans, our economy is tanking, our infrastructure needs updated, and everything I typed could be construed as ramblings of a terrorist because I don't have a set of pom-poms waving while I scream the praises of our federal government's domestic and foreign policy. I almost expect to see the Secret Service knock on my door (if I'm lucky, break it down if I'm not =-/ ) and chat with me about this very post. Personally, I refuse to be silent. Call me a crack-pot if you like, but the whole situation seems shady and nothing good appears to be coming from it.

*sigh* one of those 'soapbox' sorta days. =-}

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Not a bad day all things considered

Well, today went pretty well all things considered. The van had me mis-scheduled for my appointment with Alissa. *sigh* I did meet with my case worker though. That went well. I realize that I'm doing a lot better this month (even with the car problems) than I did last month. I think my meds are almost right. I need to get my Lyrica increased (only taking 100mg bid- a bit under the standard theraputic level for fibro, and considering my liver of iron, *really low* for me. I'm guessing I'll end up on the 450 mg eventually.)

The big thing today was I officially did it. I signed over the Audi to Peak's. It's going to a compactor. Do not pass go, don't collect $200. Just smoosh that poor thing. Put it out of its misery.
I made sure I pulled the radio out and I of course saved my plate. I also took photos as a final reminder. I've got to stop putting bumperstickers on cars. It really seems that as soon as I get the stickers just right, something happens to my cars. The Jetta, the Subaru, and now the Audi. *sigh* There's my Smokey the Bear sticker that my dad had from when he worked at Blackie as a forest ranger person (in the 70's), my last Babylon 5 sticker (damnit!), Ron Paul, my prized POW/MIA sticker and the oval one. I do so like the oval one. Sad to see it go. The only stickers you can't see are the two Apple stickers on the rear window, driver's side. I had both the old rainbow style Apple logo as well as the all white version. I liked Macs since the IIc, it only seemed fitting to put both on. Besides, I liked the secondary connotation of the rainbow. I'm an Ally and proud to call myself so. One of my closest friends is a lesbian. *waves* Hi Duckie!!


KlrWombat took me to the garage, then to my insurance agent guy, Dean. Dean is soooo cool. He's a really good guy. He did some public notary thing for my placard for free. Then random running back to my house to drop stuff off, over to his house to play frisbee with Shasta and then off to the College 9 to see 30 Days of Nights. I was surprised that it was as good as it was. I wasn't sure what to expect with Josh Hartnett. I have to admit, there's something sexy about him with stubble. =-) I didn't realize that Marilyn Manson was going to be in the movie. Just kidding. It wasn't him but he could have been Marilyn's doppleganger. I swear there was a point where he almost had some of Marilyn's mannerisims too. Seriously though, I'll probably pick this one up when it comes out on DVD. I had a super good time. It's the first movie I've been to in months. Longer maybe. I think the last thing I saw in theaters was Balls of Fury and before that was 300.

If I had transportation and $75 I would SO get a pass for the After Dark Horrorfest. They're going to actually have it at the College 9.... *sigh* it looks SOOOOOOOO awesome. Oh well.

EEP! it's later than I thought. Nothing planned specifically for tomorrow, just continue to work on setting up the bead/sewing/drawing studio-type room and change the cat's litter. I can sleep in. Hope everyone has a good day. =)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

glah. not bad, just not good either.

Not sure what my problem is today, exactly. Just kinda bummed in general. Still haven't done bills, and the apartment is even more of a mess now.

I'm still upset about the car thing. Sorta in this lonely mood, possibly made worse by the fact that I don't have the mobility I had before. Yeah, I know, I isolate because I just sorta freak out occasionally around people, but I'm also sorta freak out because I'm alone. I suppose that will settle itself out over time.

Really rather a bland day. There's this weird ladybug infestation thing going on. There seems to be hundreds of the little bugs flying around and on the west side of the building. I had to close my windows to keep them out since the've found some weird way to wiggle their way in past the screens. The cats love them, I could certainly do without.

I've also been reading news and junk like that. That doesn't help matters either. Same shit, different day. Still infuriating.

Neck is stiff, sleeping funny maybe? A bit achy in general, though that's nothing new or different. Probably spent way too long reading things on the computer. My right wrist is acting up. usually a sure sign of too much laptop use. Oh, and the blisters are back on my hand again. whee!

Ok, things that I'm glad about for today:

  • a comfy bed
  • hot H2O
  • chocolate
  • healthy cats
  • access to medical care
  • you all =-)
& yes, that is a kendo stick a friend entrusted me with by the bed. I don't have a baseball bat so that will work just as well, if not better.