Friday, October 19, 2007

Second post for today...

Where was I? Ah yes, the "reconstructed car scam"... It figures. I get my car set up nicely with all the bumperstickers I liked and now I'm just going to have to scrap it. I have to get my stereo too.

Anyhow. My mechanic said that he's used to telling people about the scam, it sucks, but he's seen it way too many times and as far as he can tell, there's 3 seperate groups doing it here in the Centre Region. Not that this makes it any easier to be the bearer of bad news, but unfortunatly he's the one who has to tell people.

What seemed like a cool car with a few minor problems, then the not-so-minor problem with the leaking antifreeze turned into a horror story. I've broken down and cried a couple times.

1) I feel like the biggest idiot in the world to have fallen for something like this and
2) the car represented quite possibly my first MAJOR step back out into the world on my own two feet. Now it feels like I was duped and it kinda shakes my whole foundation of independence even beyond the fact I'm with out transportation on my terms. I made a Very Bad Decision. What else am I making bad decisions about? What else is going to come back to bite me on the ass??

Then I find out that the cracked heat core was the least of the problems. The tires were crappy and mismatched (I knew that, but didn't realize how bad that actually is for a 4-wheel drive car), aside from the fact that the right front tire had the gash down to the steel belting on the sidewall, my transmission fluid was probably days away from blowing out a worn tube, my right front CV joint was ripped the whole way around AND (as if that wasn't bad enough) spewing grease onto my break. There's cracks in the fiberglass underbody, a shot driver's side window wiper arm construction (THAT explains why I couldn't get the wiper to clear the window off correctly. I *thought* I put the new wiper blade one right. I mean, it only fits one way. I might be an idiot, but I'm not stupid. lol. Hey, I have to laugh or I'll just start crying again) and these are just things that need fixed to make it road-worthy. It doesn't include the fact that the A/C is borked, the Cruise Control controlled cruising whenever it felt like it which wasn't very often, the moon roof would randomly open to some half-way point then stop, then open some more, close a bit, open a bit more, close itself and just pop up the back edge, close (repeat till you want to whack it with a crowbar) I think the only thing that I could absolutely rely on was that memory 1 would move my chairs and mirrors to some preset place that was completely useless to me and anyone shorter than 6'8". Oh, and the heated seats worked. Maybe I should just take the seats out and mount them in my living room with a battery. I wouldn't need the heating pad for my back anymore....

So, at this point, after everything is added up as the cost of this car, I'm looking at having spent $4k+ on this POS (including purchase, title transfer, inspection, work to get it to pass inspection back in April, insurance, and other minor things I've done to fix the car myself....)

The good thing is that Peak's will dispose of the car for me for free. I won't have to pay to have the fluids drained, the battery recycled, etc. I think there's very little that could be pieced out from the damn car. Maybe the new serpentine belt I had put on and the windshield wash pump that I replaced back in April.

ARGH!!!! So, not a good day. Not at all. I know I should do bills, but I just don't feel like it. I'm depressed enough already. They can wait one more day. Gods. Wish I had some Atavan about now.....

Positive things I can say about today:
  • Elise has been my motivation to do a Facebook entry. =-}
  • Allō called me. She's _not_ mad at me like I thought! *a HUGE sigh of relief*
  • I have nummy food to eat again. Things besides pasta. real fruit! huzzah!
  • Network while sitting on my couch
  • no one (other than the cats =) to yell at me about how messy my apartment is
  • Halfnhalf makes me laugh as she chases her tail.
  • Halfnhalf makes me laugh as she chases her momma Havoc's tail

*sigh* baaaaaad couple of days...

Quick update. more later probably... It's not horrible, but just not good.

KlrWombat took me shopping last night, which was great, until I went to get back into the truck. I sliced my toe open pretty bad. Guess it's a good thing I started the antibiotics yesterday for my ear (earring hole infected and don't want it to go into the cartilidge.

Today I got to talk to Peak's about my car. my ex-car. I feel like such an idiot. $1600 to fix my car. This is the short version....

There's apparently 3 seperate rings of ----- people of a certain nationality---- who buy cars that have been totaled by insurance companies, they fix them up and sell them (R [reconstructed] Title here in PA). Peak's has seen what's happening to me NUMEROUS times. in another 6 months, I would probably have to sink another $1k, repeat ad naseum.

My car's not really even worth $200.


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

So sad to see it like that...

Well, Tennis towed my car away with a dolly under it's rear wheels. I didn't expect to be *sad* to see it on the back of the tow truck. It looked so... lonely and sickly. I know, ascribing human traits to my car is.... lame. However, I had, I don't know, _bonded_ with it. It had become as much a part of my life as my cell phone. It had given me the biggest confidence boost over the last couple of years, next to getting my own place.

And now it has a long list of ailments that start with the cooling system (hoping it's just a blown hose) and goes to tires, brakes, and a spare tire that looks to be the original from 1991/1992. (yeah, I bailed the spare tire well out last night to locate the source of the Barbie-Sized swimming pool in my trunk. There's a puncture in the body. *sigh* Annoying, but not life threatening)

Why do my cars always seem to go into anarchy just as I get the bumper stickers just right?

I'm supposed to be at Counsel House at the moment, but something got messed up yesterday when I set up van service. Somehow Tuesday's trip never got set up. Everything is is just as it should be, except for today. I don't think the next bus runs until 12:30 or so out here, so.... At home day.