Saturday, August 25, 2007

busy day

I saw Alissa yesterday, but I saw Dr. Pro today. He increased my Synthroid to 88mcg, everything else seems to be staying the same for now. Dr Derstine moved me to 200mg Serequil XR (extended release) to see if that will help with the 'drunk' feeling the regular 400mg. We're going to slowly increase back to 400mg if my systems will tolerate it better...

SOOOOOOOOO, it's been a long while since I typed. People moved in and out of a couple spots around here so I lost the open WAP I was able to get to from my apartment. I'm out doing some laundry and there's one open here, hence finally posting again.

Rykujin moved out on the 14th, like I told him he had to do. It wasn't a pretty day. There were police involved because I was worried about what he was going to do since the homeless shelter here was full, but the police intervened and managed to get him a spot. He then decided to just go back to Lewistown. There's so much I could say about it, but I'll just say he's staying with a friend and apparently has started working with various community resources. The one I had been pushing the most for was getting back into the "Mental Health" system so that he could actually work on some of his problems. Time shall tell how far he goes to get real help and change.

I'm doing mostly ok. The cats all sneaked out Thursday morning. I was running late anyhow and the harder I tried to get them to come in the more they treated it like a game (Chaos got out first, and just after caught him and tried to put him back, they all came at me en mass and it was all over...) so I left them out so I could try to not be too late to Counsel House. When I got home I found the Bad Note.

The manager of the properties found them and herded them back inside. She said they seemed eager to get back in (all but one, and the Handy-dude for the complex found Shadow and put her back in. *sigh* I knew I couldn't keep all 5 (I mean, Rykujin was originally going to keep 3, but well.... we see how that all went). It also mentioned that my housekeeping and sheer amount of STUFF violated code. I have until 8/31 to get it up to snuff or I can be evicted.

I broke down and just lost it. I talked to Allō. She had been severely tempted to keep 2, but wasn't sure what Atom would think. In the end, they took the 2 boys and Shadow. I still have Momma Havoc and Half&half. If anything, it should be a lot less hectic in my house now. I just hope the kitties are good to them and don't make too much trouble. I vowed to provide 'kitten child support' (food, litter things like that to help take up some of the slack for their loving home. I think I actually feel bad for Boris and Sarge. I don't think the dogs are going to know what hit them ;-)

I've since talked with the manager, and everything is good between us. I will try to let her know Monday that the cats left for their new home today.

Allō helped me part with things I didn't need while Atom re-arranged the back room so that I can start going through the boxes of books, save the ones I want and donate the ones that I don't to either the local library, Schlow, or to the AAUW people. I have some ideas for how I think I can more effectively house all my fabric (been bad this month, not only did I buy 2 shirts that weren't on clearance, but I also bought 5 different kinds of fabric in anticipation of making myself some clothes.

I'm doing mostly pretty good on my own, though because of various reasons including a very sick Bubba's mom, I've been out of my place as much as in it, though until I get it all cleaned up, I'm going to try like hell to stay put for a couple days.

I'm tired, physically exhausted, mentally on a roller coaster, but I suppose some of those can be fun under the right circumstances. Realistically, I'm about 98% med compliant (Up from maybe 50%) and I'm still adjusting to being by myself. I have to haul things around that others used to (and that big Sweetpea Allō has been taking laundry home and doing it for me so I can catch up on other things, though I felt like being belligerent and doing it myself today. I have quite a good deal. *sigh* )

I want all my friends to know that you mean the world to me (and I LOVE the postcards. SOON! I promise I'll start sending them back once I figure out where I can sit and write, though with fewer cats, less cats will be chasing the pen point.) With out your help (in so many various ways) I would not be doing as well as I am. THANK YOU!! it's not peaches and cream, but I'm at least coping better than I ever did before. I continue to wish Demented and Rykujin the best in their endeavors.

**HUG** and lots of love,