Wednesday, August 15, 2007

a very long, traumatic week...

I know I haven't updated in quite a while. There's been a lot going on and the short version is Rykujin is now staying with friends in Lewistown. There's been a lot of tears and a lot of hurt and sadness at least on my part, probably his, but I hope that he follows through with getting help through county social services.

My friends here have been keeping a keen eye on me to make sure I'm ok through all this. It didn't happen at ALL how I wanted it to (longer post on this maybe later) but we are officially apart. Allō, Miss K, and Hobbs, and AP have been wonderful in keeping tabs on me to make sure I'm ok. Allō let me cry on her lap when I finally got back home today (stayed last night with Miss K and Bubba)

Thus ends and begins some new chapter in my life.

it feels weird. scary.
but I'll still wake up tomorrow =)

hugs and love to all,