Saturday, July 14, 2007

quick update on the move

It would have been impossible without the combined help of 5 guys and us 3 chicks. I'm moved in (loosely) into my new place. My back is killing me and everyone kept chasing me away from boxes and such!! I hope everyone else is doing ok. After everyone left, I sat and cried.

I cried at all the memories that I now have to go through, cried at how amazing everyone was at helping me, cried at how much I hurt, cried at feeling alone... just cried......

There is SO MUCH STUFF! I really truely do not think I could have done this by myself. I am blessed to have some of the coolest friends a person could hope for.

Yeah, I'm borrowing net for a few moments too. I think I'm going to go soak in a bath for the first time in AGES.

A huge THANK YOU to the entire moving crew. I will come up with some way to repay you. Food! (HAHAHAHAHA just thinking of the irony, we found 3 leaves for dining tables and I don't have a single one. =)

ok. time to go drug myself (legally!) and try and feel better.

Friday, July 13, 2007

still here. moved things!!

I don't have a strong signal ATM, but thought I should put a little something up here. I officially signed for my new apartment. I'm scared shitless and excited too.

Yes, it's true. I was in 3South for about a week last month (end of June). My therapist and I decided that give how I felt at the moment, and how I had felt for the 2 weeks prior, that a preventative precaution was to reevaluate my meds and keep me somewhere safe where I would find it much harder to self-harm or attempt.... well, anyhow, some not so minor med twiddling and the mindset that I have to be truthful to people who can help when I start feeling blackness again.

having my dizzy spells off an on. Cats are no longer cute little kittens. They are hereby known as The Manical Imps. Seems that I have a 2 cat limit. So Havoc and 1 other kitten. I knew I couldn't keep them all, but it's so HARD to choose just one. =(

I walked down to Omega on Allen yesterday, Thursday, around 4pm in the begining throws of Arts Fest. Alex went with me and my blue & fuschia pigtails, and her walking around wearing my fairy costume from Halloweens past.... I think I can speak for both of us, definitly me! HAD A BLAST!! I did perfectly fine with talking with some of the artists, got complmented a number of times about how people loved us (and strangely enough, one of the clothing artists actually compliment the sewing and fabric choice. =-) One of the coolest things I found out is that BEN CUNNINGHAM IS ONE OF THE JUDGES!!!!!! Ben is still quite possibly one of the most touching people I know. He has a wonderful sense of humor, openess of the metal medium, a keen eye and all over stellar personality.

starting to storm. gotta go!