Monday, June 25, 2007

Dr. Ron Paul <---

I think Congressman Dr Ron Paul is a simply amazing man. He's the *first* Republican that I ACTIVELY WANT in the White House. This man is sharp, no nonsense, and seems to be really grounded in what is best for our country. Hey, he voted AGAINST the Iraq war AND he voted AGAINST the Patriot Act! Seems like he's one of the only people who actually pay attention to things anymore. He's even has rather serious time on The Colbert Report, 6/13/07 and then again on The Daily Show, 6/4/07
I'll post more later. It's been a long week. Exhausted. I spent 6 days back in 3South (the psych ward) for suicidal thoughts....uhg. I guess when you start planning thing down to the minutia, it's 'time to go for a little vacation...'

I'm making my appointments with my Psychologist and Counsel House.
The med change has me a little woobly.