Friday, July 28, 2006

The on-going melodrama...

Well, I've been talking with people. That's good. I don't feel as lonely, just sad that I've been lax in being in contact. Sad that they're seemingly so far away. I got mail from TechSquire and it was so sweet and touching I wanted to cry. But... sitting in the local library I managed to keep my eyes from overflowing. Sometimes my heart just aches at the way life has manifested itself over the last couple of years.

Over all, it's been a 'meh' kind of week. The landlord put new carpeting in the house. It looks faboo. MUCH better and less dingy than the old stuff. But it necessitated emptying out my room and closet. THAT sucked ass. I'm still stiff and sore from doing it, and my room is still a disaster waiting to be given order.

That and yesterday I was served with papers that Demented is attempting to get a PFA against me. The initial one was denied, but there will be a hearing 8.2.06 @2:15 courtroom B (Judge Grine [Sr] I think). This whole experience is still ripping me to shreds. I took more Atavan yesterday than the entire previous two weeks.

Burning embers of
a life forgotten. A new
fire not yet forged.

Monday, July 24, 2006

crappy couple of weeks

A long sigh intones
all that could be said, summed
up in a quiet breath.

I had been reading over old journals. I have been crying a lot. Everything seems so far removed from what I ever expected out of my life. Miscarrige, PFA... losing my best friend... I received the official PFA against Demented on Saturday.