Thursday, June 22, 2006

A bright day

Well, I heard from Demented. He seems to be doing well. At the very least, better than he had been. That's good. I'm sad. I realize this is the case, but it still hurts. We cannot see each other. For a very long time. I don't know what paths our lives are going to take, but they are not going to be intersecting circles for quite a while.

I saw a previous co-worker/artist/friend today outside the library. It was good to see MouseJockey. I forgot just how much I missed him and his insights. We talked (ok, he made the important points) about art and media and how intent, purpose, and impact all seems to change as society and technology changes. Simple, but profound. What might have been initially a main mode of communication and art as a secondary value, becomes supplanted by newer technology or methods (ink brush painting vs Flash web presentations, for extreme examples). Now ink brush painting is more of a mode of process for the artist (or executor, I guess, if you don't want to use the term 'artist'). The art is done for the "artist's" sake, and message is left for the viewer, if they even choose to delve that deep. It's no longer the method of 'news broadcast' as it were.
(and MouseJockey, please correct my paraphrasing as you see fit!!)

today's haiku

my small piece of life,
insane, holds no real answers;
Who knows what comes next?

Still around

welcome to my little
piece of insanity; what
comes next? who can know?